How to Overcome Self-Doubt

Have you ever doubted yourself?

Do you have this little inner voice trying to convince you that you are not good enough? The fear that you can not crush your goals; the fear that you will never be able to achieve your dreams. The truth is, that self-doubt kills your confidence and distracts you from becoming the best version of yourself. It holds us back from doing and experiencing amazing things.

Self-doubt is a common experience. But how do you overcome it?

Here are 8 powerful ways to overcome self-doubt:

Stop criticizing yourself

The key to overcoming self-doubt is to overcome your inner critic. What your head is trying to tell you is not you, you are not your thoughts, remember that. When your self-doubt tells you that you’re not good enough, tell it that though you aren’t perfect you are more than good enough. Do this as often as you need to and quiet that voice until you’re barely even able to hear it.

Surround yourself with positive people

The people you surround yourself with make all the difference in your life. Surrounding yourself with positive, encouraging, and uplifting people that support you and your goals. Talk to them about your self-doubts. Ask them for advice and encouragement when you’re feeling down. Opening up about the things you’re going through is really important.

Stop worrying about what people think

Self-doubt often comes from our perception of others’ thoughts of us. We are scared to take a step forward and be judged by other people.

You should just be happy and love yourself. Put yourself first and make your decisions with you in mind, no one else.


Writing is therapeutic. Writing down your fears and doubts can really change your perspective and thoughts. Use your journal to write about what you are grateful for, to write positive affirmations that reinforce positive thoughts and opinions of yourself, trigger self-belief, and boost your inner confidence. Also, use your journal for a reflection on the day.

This is key to overcoming your self-doubt as you can notice more things about yourself and why you doubt yourself.

Stop comparing yourself

Comparison causes us to doubt ourselves, our abilities, and our potential to be great. You are made to be unique. There is no one else out there quite like you. Embrace yourself with open arms.

Failure is a lesson

Often self-doubt can be caused by a fear of failure. However, changing your perspective on failure really is, a learning opportunity and progress. You are not going to get everything right every time, you have to fail to learn and grow.  Failure it’s an opportunity to move on and progress.

Be kind to yourself

You are not alone. We all have doubts, insecurities, struggles, and failures. So do not punish yourself for anything. Know that you are on a journey, you are learning and growing every day. You are a beautiful, unique, talented, amazing person and you need to appreciate yourself.

Life is a journey

You don’t always see results right away, it takes time, and you’ll face some ups and downs. Embrace the journey, and look at it as a growth experience. You have so much life ahead of you. There’s no pressure. Give meaning to each and every day. Learn something from bad days, there’s always a lesson. There’s always to be grateful for. Step out of your comfort zone, do things that scare you, create memories.

Above all, love yourself, know that you are talented. Silence that inner self-doubting voice by taking action. You have something unique to offer to the world that nobody else can.

You are enough. And yes, you are capable!

6 Replies to “How to Overcome Self-Doubt”

  1. This is the uplifting reminder I needed at this very moment. I recently had 2 failures that made me question who I was, as opposed to who I thought of myself to be. Those 2 situations hit me deep and hard, and the self doubt began to grow inside me.
    What you wrote are great reminders and pep talks about Truth. I need all the positive input i can find, to help me reframe things in more realistic way, so thank you. Perfect timing.

  2. So do i..i always criticize my self that i cannot do about things i wanted to become because of my low self steem. 🥲

  3. Anita Roberts says: Reply

    Is there an e book I could read so can stop comparing my self to others and low self worth at times and learning to go with the flow more

  4. Mandy van Heiningen says: Reply

    Oooohhhh i love this blog so much i regonize my optimistic toughts anf if i dont regonize than i regonize the less positive toughts and this helps me!:)❤

  5. I don’t know if it’s the Google algorhytm but today I’ve just recently watch the videos from Ted Talks about Eliminate tour Self Doubt and other about Stop your thought from Controlling your Life. And I’m here again reading about the same thing. Universe IS calling me out.

  6. Vaishnavi Panchal says: Reply

    This was helpful. Like I was going through somethings and I felt like I was lost and the notification of this post came. It was like universe giving sign.

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