Setting Intentions, Not Just Resolutions

When the clock strikes midnight on December 31st, the air fills with a collective ambition to make the new year one to remember. We clamor to set resolutions and firm goals. These often take the form of specific goals: for example, lose weight, save money, read more, or learn a new skill. However, as weeks turn into months, many resolutions fall by the wayside. The issue with resolutions is that they often stem from a mindset of what we believe we should do, rather than what we truly want to do.

This is where setting intentions, rather than resolutions, can be a game-changer for personal growth.

While resolutions are concrete, intentions are more about the journey – they are the values and principles that guide us. They are less about quantifiable achievements and more about the quality of our experiences. For example, instead of wishing to “lose 10 pounds,” an intention could be to “nurture a healthier relationship with my body and mind.” This shift in perspective opens up a broader path.

Living your intentions means making daily choices that resonate with them. It’s a continual process of returning to what you’ve set out to embody. It’s also about forgiveness and flexibility – some days will be better than others, but the intention remains a guiding light.

By the way, intentions work because they are adaptable. They aren’t a rigid target but a direction in which to move.

So, how do we set intentions?

Setting intentions starts with reflection. It requires digging deep to understand what truly matters to us.

Here are some steps to help guide you:

  • Reflect on the past year and consider what brought you joy and fulfillment.
  • Identify how you want to feel in the coming year. What words come to mind? Peaceful, connected, adventurous?
  • Based on these reflections, craft intentions that resonate with these desired feelings. For example, “I intend to embrace new experiences with an open heart,” or “I intend to cultivate peace in my daily life.”
  • Write your intentions down and keep them somewhere visible.
  • Regularly check in with yourself. Are your actions aligning with your intentions? What adjustments can you make?

In essence, setting intentions is a mindfulness practice. This year, let’s set aside the rigid resolutions and embrace the graceful power of intentions. It’s not a matter of what you want to cross off your list, but how you want to live your life each day and who you want to be. ♡

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  1. Good thank you girl keep sharing 😘 💕 💖 💗 💓

    1. XAVIER Ryttchy says: Reply

      Merci, c’est vraiment inspirant et motivant !

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