Life Moves Pretty Fast

Life can often feel like it’s moving too fast, with time passing by in the blink of an eye.

In today’s fast-paced society, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle of everyday life. Growing up comes with its own set of challenges and expectations for the future. We are constantly bombarded with messages about what we should be doing, where we should be going, and how we should be living our lives. It’s no wonder that so many people feel overwhelmed and unsure of their direction in life.

There is constant pressure to meet certain expectations for the future, whether it be from family, society, or even ourselves. We are told that we need to go to college, get a job, get married, have children, and so on. While these things may be important to some, they may not be what everyone wants or needs in order to feel fulfilled.

It hit me later that before I know it I’ll be 30. The past few months I feel I’ve watched myself shift from one age group to the next. Like I went from 18 to 26 overnight.

It’s wild for me to look back at 18-year-old me and realize that was 8 years ago; it feels like yesterday, yet so much within me has changed. The way I feel about the world and about myself.

Growing up used to scare me, a lot. I thought by my early 20’s I’d be married and pregnant just like my parents. But life doesn’t exactly happen like that. There are a lot of things different about the world now, a lot more options, and paths.

Success to the younger me looked like having a loving relationship, creating a family, having a lot of money, and a job that was stable. Success to me now looks like having my family and friends around me, and having enough money to live, now, money does not define success to me, passion does. Our perception of the world changes, and that’s the beauty. And the way you perceive the world changes the way you feel within the world.

The older I get, the more I understand and discover. About me. About the world.

Growing old doesn’t scare me as much now, because I see it as an adventure. A journey to learn more about myself and others. All these new chapters are waiting for me.

If you’re feeling scared because you still don’t have a clear path or dreams for the future, it’s important to remember that it’s okay to not have it all figured out. Life is a journey, and sometimes it takes time to find our way.

There is no one “right” way to live it. While it can be scary to not have a clear path or dreams for the future, it can also be an opportunity to explore, grow, and discover what truly makes us happy and fulfilled. By taking the time to reflect on our values and interests, and giving ourselves permission to enjoy the journey, we can find a sense of purpose and meaning in life.

Don’t be afraid to grow old – just enjoy it, life’s beautiful. ❤

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  1. Thank you so much Kati. Lately I felt down and awful. Receiving your blogs and reading always remind that I am so much that how I was looking at myself these days. I forgot that I had values and I had muscle to say yes or no to some things that take place in my life. So thank you. I’m planning on buying your books btw, hope it’ll still be available by the time I have the funds.

    1. Thanks so much

  2. -thank you so much🫂❤️

  3. Thank you for sharing your wisdom 💞
    More power to you…👍

  4. Thank you for sharing your wisdom 💞

  5. Thank you for always being our amazing therapist and friend ❤️

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