Principles For A Happier Life

There’s no perfection in mastering the art of happiness. We often think that happiness means hard work, achieving all our goals, or getting the things that we desire.  Those fancy clothes, a big house, and a nice car only bring you temporary happiness. Your true happiness it’s in those little joys in life that you experience, it’s in the simple things. Happiness is available to us right now. It is through learning from our daily life that we get in tune with what matters and what doesn’t. 

In today’s post, I’m sharing with you some simple principles we can start teaching ourselves to be a little happier every day.

  • Morning reflection/expressing gratitude: When you wake up, be grateful for the reason you woke up and make your day a new one with opportunities ahead. 
  • Focus on what you can control and forget the rest: It’s a waste of time. And remember that you can’t control some things, but you definitely can control the way you react to them.
  • You cannot control the actions of others, but you can influence them
  • Put into practice what you learn
  • Turn obstacles into opportunities: You are either a protagonist in your life or you are a victim who blames everything around you for what happens to you. By turning obstacles into opportunities, you are evolving.
  • Make conscious decisions: Don’t make the mistake of making a hot-headed decision. You have time to make decisions, don’t rush anything.
  • Life is what you make of it and deserves to be lived intensely: Life is not easy, but whatever the circumstances, life is what we make of it, always.
  • Focus on your goals but be prepared for the obstacles: Understand that not everything will happen as we plan. Knowing that will prevent us from frustrations and unnecessary suffering. We control our actions, not the result of them, so focusing on the goal and doing our best is the best way.
  • Cultivate good habits: Whether is eating healthier, exercising, having a nice sleeping routine, or doing more of what we love,…work for that!
  • Be kind to the “haters”: The best way to get back at those who have hurt you is not to resemble them.
  • Be open to new knowledge and opportunities: Just do it! We only live once and do not waste it. Experiencing things in life will make us feel alive. So, take those risks and enjoy life.
  • Enjoy every moment: Even if you have a bad day, really try to understand what those moments are teaching you.
  • Unfollow negative people on social media
  • Learn to forgive: Forgiveness is not only something that we do for other people, it also means forgiving ourselves. Everything feels good and lighter.

Now it’s your turn! I’d love to know what’s your secret to a happier life. Share it in the comments 😊 

13 Replies to “Principles For A Happier Life”

  1. Reimagining old laughter TV SHOWS and repeating them in tough times

    1. 1. Not expecting anything from anyone in relationships or not expecting anything in return, cause more you expect from others, more the chance of you getting hurt. Because no one can fulfill your expectation by 100% even you as well.
      2. Don’t care about anyone coming in your life or exiting from your life because, remember ” Nothing good gets away” but personaly i believe that no-one stay in our life for forever (freinds). Some come to teach us lessons for life and some for how to live life. And when their purpose (of god) in your fulfill by them, they exit from your life☺. So be Happy

      1. Yaar….so true…i truly want someone to guide me with this. I really really just don’t get it. Is expecting little things from them too much huh..?

  2. Comprender la importancia del aquí y del ahora, no el pasado, no el futuro, el ahora, el presente. No puedo ir más atrás y pensar constantemente en el futuro solo genera ansiedad.

    1. Dar espacio a actividades, momentos que más te apasionen eso incrementa mi alegría y felicidad.
      Una caminata sin ruido, un partido de Voleibol, un café caliente, dibujar.

  3. Find the good in everything

    1. Exactly….

  4. Merci! Ça fait un bien fou de se rappeler tout ça, ces petits riens qui sont les plus belles choses quand on est en conscience.
    Bisous doux à tous ceux qui liront ce post.

  5. Your suggestions are awesome. Definitely agree.

  6. Don’t thinking about what others will think about me. Instead just living my life in my way . Do what makes me happy. Focusing nad doing what important for me without thinking what the other people will think about me.

  7. Stop comparing myself with my age mates on social media and learning that I have my own path and I have a whole different story

    1. Beautiful thought.

  8. Thank you for such beneficial advice 💖💖

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