Tips for moving out for the first time

Moving away for the first time can be a scary thought. But it is also very exciting! This is a huge step! But there are a lot of things you have to do and think about before moving out. Even if it’s a year from now.

First, ask yourself:

Where do you want to move to?

Maybe you want to stay close to your parent’s house, maybe you want to find a place near your job/college, or you want to go to another city…these are some things to think about because some places are more expensive than others.

Moving alone or with a roommate?

Sometimes the apartment is too high in price to live on your own. Have you thought about getting a roommate? This could be a friend or even your partner.

Then you must have to:

🏠 Make a budget

Start by looking at your finances and see what you can contribute monthly. Not only rent but all the other expenses (like electricity, gas, water, internet, groceries,…). Create a budget on how much you will be spending on the apartment every month.

You should also have an emergency fund, you never know when you’re going to need it.

🏠 Have a deposit and a few months’ rent ready

Moving is stressful enough on your finances, so make sure that you have enough money ready beforehand.

🏠 Create a list

Create a list of items you need to purchase for your new home. Start looking at your favorite stores and try to find good deals.

🏠 Contract

Always read your contract carefully. Ask for clarification or more information if there’s something that isn’t entirely clear to you.

🏠 Plan for the moving day

Pack your things and plan everything out so you don’t stress on the big day. If you have a lot of furniture or personal belongings, you may need to hire a moving company to help you pack everything. Remember that this costs quite a bit of money so plan out the expenses for this ahead of time too.

🏠 Turn on your utilities for the moving day

Make sure to turn on your electricity, water, and internet before you arrive!

🏠 Essentials first, decoration later

Focus first on the essentials only. Then, as you settle into your new house, you can focus on the non-essentials like decoration and other pieces of furniture you’ll eventually need.

Congratulations! You officially moved out for the first time!

I hope that you found this post helpful if you’re thinking about moving out. And good luck with this exciting adventure! 😊

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  1. I am moving out…n trust me I was so scared,n bang on …I received ur night mesg n post,just at the right time.Aint that the Universe sending me signs!!! Thank u soo much..😊

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