Must have lists to keep in your planner

I am a strong believer in the power of using lists to keep you organized. Lists are an incredible tool for getting your life organized and to visualize things and get your brain flowing. You can use a planner or a random blank notebook that you have.

So, in this post I’m sharing with you some lists you should start introducing in your life:

✔️ Monthly/weekly/daily to-do list

These ones are probably the most helpful lists to help you keep organized. It’s a great way to overview your day/week/month ahead.

✉️ Work-related lists

You can create a list of projects, emails to send, events to attend, deadlines you need to track, school work.

💸 Work/life expenses

You should always have an overview of your costs. If you create these lists, by the end of the year/month you can calculate how much money you spent and how you can start saving.

🎯 Your goals

Setting goals promotes productivity and helps you stay focused and motivated. When you write your goals down, you keep your dreams and priorities in mind. You can see them clearly written on the pages of your notebook.

🍲 Meal planning list / Shopping list

This list is so helpful for staying organized and to avoid buying unnecessary things when you go shopping.

🧹 Cleaning lists 

It helps you to keep track of not only what needs to be cleaned but when the last time something was cleaned.

📚 Books you want to read/ 📺 shows to watch / 🍽️ restaurants to try lists

📝 Usernames and passwords lists 

It’s so easy to forget about all the passwords, so a list with that can be super helpful. Remember, it’s much more secure to have random and un-associated passwords for each account you have.

❤️ Bedtime/gratitude list

Every day before you go to sleep write a list of 5 things you’re grateful for or just everything in your mind. About your worries, problems, and good things that happened during the day. It will make you sleep better!

🎈 Birthday list 

Make this list so you never forget the birthdays of your loved ones.

Now I’m just going to share with you some of the stationary I use to write all my lists:

Magnetic Notepads

Daily Task Checklist Planner Time Management Notebook

Daily to-Do List Notepad

Day and Night Reflection Journal

These are some of my all-time favorite lists. Are you also a fan of lists? What kind of lists do you make? Let me know in the comments 😊

13 Replies to “Must have lists to keep in your planner”

  1. Nguyễn Hoàng Duy. says: Reply

    Thank you for this post. I always forget things, chores. Sometimes it hard for me to organise my works, events and time. I think that I have to buy for myself notebooks and make lists from now.

  2. I loved it, I will do it today ♥♥

  3. Thank you, I’ll keep this in mind.☺️🌼

  4. This was helpful, thank you 😀

  5. Thanks for this nice suggestion…I will definitely try this .

    1. I love it I feel better than before ❤❤

  6. Jessica Hamilton says: Reply

    Thank you

  7. All these posts by you are just so good .Fills me with positivity . Thank you 😊

  8. A mí me cuesta mucho trabajo seguir con una lista y ahora ya lo pongo más en práctica, muchas gracias

  9. I have started making meal plan for the week and is very useful saves lot of time to decide what to cook

  10. Thanks for sharing this with us. This methods are very helpful. I am trying a planner for the first time and it is helping me to organize and achieve my goals. Gratitude! 🧡

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