24 lessons I learned over the years

This month I turned 24 years, and I decided to spend time reflecting on what I learned over the past years of my life.

I don’t feel like 24 in my mind, and let me tell you, my life is not what I pictured it would be like when I was a kid.

Turning 24 just doesn’t feel like anything major, but I will have to say, looking back I do feel I’ve had a major shift in terms of my outlook on many things. So, I decided to reflect on 24 life lessons I’ve learned over these years.

   1.✨Don’t compare your path with others

You don’t have to do things the way others do. You are not them, and they are not you. You won’t get the same results they have because you have your own strengths, skills, and voice. You have your own journey.

   2.✨Friends come and go

You’ll lose friends and that’s okay. All the people that enter our life have a purpose, they teach us lessons and they leave when the lesson has been taught. Your true friends will stick around until the end.

  3.✨You can’t please everyone

Stop trying, it’s impossible! And very exhausting. So just do whatever feels right for you, you’ll become a lot happier.

   4.✨Your thoughts become your reality

If you think you can’t do something or you’re not good enough, you’ll be less likely to take action. Try to switch your mindset and think that you can achieve anything you want.

   5.✨Get smart with your money

Learn about investing and saving. Don’t spend your money on unnecessary things. Make yourself a budget. You never know when your financial situation can change.

   6.✨ It’s okay to feel emotions

There were days I felt depressed, anxious, and sad for no reason. And other days, I felt amazing, happy, and grateful. There’s no right or wrong way to feel. It’s okay to feel sad and it’s okay to feel happy. But learn when you’re ready to release those “bad” feelings. You can choose how you want to feel.

   7.✨ Your mistakes don’t define you

Learn from them, acknowledge them, then let them go and try again.

   8. ✨Don’t be afraid to be yourself

There is only one you. You’re unique and the worlds deserve to see your authentic you.

   9. ✨We rise by lifting others

If you help someone feel good, you feel good. Give, support, encourage, share, and love. This can really change the world.

   10.✨ Focus on your breath on the hardest times

In times of stress, overwhelm, anxiety, anger, or fear you can always come back to your breath to connect to yourself. The key is to notice and pay attention to when you need to take a step back.

   11.✨Human connection is so important

Make the most out of every interaction since you never know when things could change. Spend time with people you love and tell them what they mean to you.

   12.✨ Change is necessary

Growth doesn’t happen when you’re comfortable, remember that. Push past your safe space and take a chance. Grab all new opportunities!

   13.✨Take care of your body and mental health

Make time for yourself, drink your water, fill your body with the nutrients he needs, sleep, do things you love, dance, smile, speak up if you’re unhappy, change situations that affect your mental state negatively. Make sure you’re okay and if you’re not, ask for help.

   14.✨It’s okay if you don’t have it all figured out yet

I realized that we all have our own journeys and timelines. It’s okay if you are still figuring out what you want in life. And don’t compare your life to others, this only leads to frustration and self-doubt. Everything happens when it’s supposed to happen.

   15.✨You are capable of more than you think

For example, I’ve never imagined that I would be able to work for myself and turning what I do into a career. This proves that we are all capable of more than we think.

   16.✨Everything happens for a reason

Everything really happens for a reason, always. Even your darkest days. They come to teach you and to prove to you how strong and capable you are.

   17.✨Time heals

It may feel like things aren’t going to get better, but they always will in the end.

   18.✨Communication is key

Mostly on relationships. If you want a healthy and happy relationship you need to communicate with one another.

   19.✨Be grateful

Practice gratitude every day. Focus on the amazing things you do have rather than what you don’t.

   20.✨Pain is almost inevitable

Physical pain, emotional pain…Everyone is going to experience pain at some point in their lives. Don’t try to hide from pain, but don’t let it take over your life.

   21.✨Be present

Make sure you’re there in the moment when you’re with someone. When you’re on a walk or doing something you enjoy. Put your phone away and give them your full attention.

   22.✨Pets make life so much better

We don’t deserve animals. They are such a light in our lives. I personally love dogs. They love us unconditionally and they fill our homes with so much love and happiness!

   23.✨Never forget to be kind

You never know what someone else may be going through, so always be kind.

   24.✨It is okay to ask for help

Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed to ask for help. Your loved ones will surely want to help you, you just have to ask. And if their support is not strong enough, look for a therapist. Just take care of yourself.

And you? What’s your biggest life lesson that you’ve learned over the years? I would love to know! 😊


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  1. Over the past couple of years I’ve learned that not everyone deserves the love you want to give them. Some people you can love personally with all of your heart and some people you have to love from a distance and just wish the best for them.

    1. Happy belated birthday Kati! i love your blog posts, they are very heartfelt, thank you for doing this and reminding us what matters. I liked number 24 and the one about pets, how they are such a love and light in our lives. Over the years, now i finally realised its okay to make mistakes and its okay to ask for help. Looking forward to more greatness from you!

      1. This was beautiful & so very true. You are definitely wise beyond your years. The only advice I have to offer is to surround yourself with people who make you want to be a better person & if you find you are the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room 😉💜

        1. Very helpful.i have learnt togrow on.my own pace .

          1. Post mais que perfeito!!! ❤

      2. Darlene Garcia says: Reply

        I agree.👍❤️

      3. Charlotte Johnson says: Reply

        I learned to live with the people that tried to haunt me not ghost though just a figure of speech. I hateful hurtful things in the way they made me feel. My family and I are going through some very difficult life changes but yes you do and can learn from them and I did. I’m meditating I’ve been praying hard over last several years and it has helped me. Yeah I have and had several great ideas still some to come. I honestly do care for people I do listen to them and try to help and usually do it just to see their smile for free the bests ones all the way around. I’m still learning putting one foot in front of the other at times but still gratefully for everyday I have with my loved ones. I’m happy have a place to lay my head a roof over me clothes on my back. Spent the day fishing with my best friend seen some beautiful places it was peaceful calm and joyful together. I’m working on it that’s for sure

    2. I’ve learned that without a Higher power, you are spiritually disconnected and thus blocking out the very good you try and attract from God/ the universe, etc. Without a spiritual center and reliance on something bigger than ourselves, we limit ourselves…to ourselves. I’ve learned at 37, through upheaval as well as major success, that without a spiritual center and focus, our physical, mental and emotional well-being are just a house of cards balanced on the bet of a windless day…in order to carry security and deep fulfillment, have a steady foundation from the get go. I wish I had focused on my spiritual health when I was younger…that would have been the most valuable focus I could’ve made. Much love to you all in your journey.

    3. Some people we need to tell them: i love you but I don’t like you anymore
      That was my this year’s lesson.
      Some people we really love but we are not happy spending time with them any more though we are always ready “to be their for them”


  3. Over the past years I have learnt that people will love and respect you when you have money. Thats why I always try to be rich than poor.

  4. Over time, I have come to realize that we cannot win all the time. We will succeed in some things and lose in others. Realizing that takes away some regrets, sadness and feelings of non-accomplishment.

  5. Such a great article. Thank you so much for that.

    1. Over the past 5 years it has ever been easy for me. In 2015 graduated from high school with Diploma and was happy for with what I got. Moving forward 2016 went to improve my results at college and guess what I passed very well and got my self bachelor’s admission. In 2017 went to study at business college was doing my diploma in tourism but then I did not like it that much I changed it. Then 2018 went to enroll at University and I was admitted, did my first year and i failed some modules especially i failed my major that was do stressful. So did my second year and still I failed all my modules that’s when my life started to change cz I had to spend the whole year doing nothing I was excluded from university. Fine I spent whole year trying to figure out why. I was depressed feeling like iam a failure all my mate that went with them at high are progressing. I was ashamed I even stopped sharing anything especially on social media because felt like everyone know how stupid iam. It was hard went through depression. I had low self esteem. I was even afraid to go outside I had this nervous. At the beginning of 2021 I registered again in university luckily they system welcomed me again. So I registered and I wanted to change the course but I told my self nothing it’s easy I have to face my course period. So I did that so all in all now iam at my happiest place. Cause I’m living the life of my own. Iam racing my own battle. So yeah

      1. Wow.. such amazing and beautiful tough journey of life. Love it✨ Proud of you👍 and you know what.. HE give you the power to handle all the upside down of your life. And you never give up. You deserved all the kindness and blessings from HIM. May God bless you more and more dear💕 keep it up💛

        1. Beautiful article…
          I’ve learned life doesn’t always go the way we plan but that shouldn’t stop us from still trying

          1. Sk Naveen Asha says:

            Belated Happy Birthday Kati , I Love your Blog, it heals my pain and gives an idea to come out of it , that was great, thank you for sharing your experiences and thank you so much 💖💖💖

  6. Needed some of those reminders. Thank you 😊
    Tips to put the phone away when you’re a single mom and if you’re not at work, you’re home with kids? I don’t know why it has become my “go to” to escape reality lately. I want to be present with my children

  7. Terri Goldston says: Reply

    I am living proof that people like e come into your life for a reason ,season, or lifetime it depends on how much you give to them and how much they take( love, knowledge and energy) the impact they will leave and what type of emotional damage they if they do at all.

    1. Kajal Yadav says: Reply

      Such a marvellous life teaching experience you have shared with us , we will candidly carry them farward , to make life easier.thank you🤗

  8. Very inspiring & uplifting article. I value self care as thats where it starts. You need the energy to go on. Also being grateful for true friends who are there always, not only when you have money. I have learnt to value those friendships & discard the rest.
    Thank you, from South Africa.

  9. My biggest lessons:
    Nothing is mine. Even myself is not mine. And to HIM we belong. So i just learned that all i need to do is detach myself from people and this world. And you know what… HE know us the best.. When we detach ourselves from people and this dunya.. they will come for us without we begging anymore.. It’s the power of detachment. Only you and The Almighty. The true freedom. That’s my lessons. May God bring you more blessings and happiness 💕

  10. Pandikumar S says: Reply

    It was amazing. I wonder about your wisdom. Thanks for sharing with us. It’s helpful to all. Personally to me. I learnt don’t trust anyone. Trust yourself. That all. 👍

  11. I am really amazed, at 24 you have learnt what life is!
    I am figuring it out when I am turning 31. Its an amazing journey. You need all ups and downs to understand life. Once you realize this, you can only live with gratitude, kindness and contentment.
    Wonderful article. Bless you! And happy 24, you Cancerian..!!

  12. yo en mis 24 años, puedo decir que en este último año en específico, he aprendido que en mi tengo el poder de crear la vida que quiero, que tengo una fortaleza que me empuja a no dejarme caer, a no estar en la lona. Que la felicidad y la plenitud vienen de adentro, que estar agradecido por lo que tengo abre las puertas del universo para atraer lo que quiero. Que amarme y decirmelo a diario crea más satisfacción cuando lo escucho de otra persona; porque me lo creo.

    1. que lindo!! yo descubrí la ley de la atracción y todo el tema de mindfulness el año pasado, definitivamente mi vida, forma de ser y pensar es cien veces mejor que antes <3

  13. one of the best things I’ve learned so far in my 17 years is. 1- life is not always fair and you don’t deserve the bad things that happen, but you can control if that will affect you or not. 2- you win or you learn. 3- happiness is not a goal, is a feeling and it’s temporary (as everything). 4- life is something fragile and beautiful, we only get to live once so please make every day worth it. 5- have faith in yourself, if you don’t then who will? 6- (my lucky number) love is not hard, it’s not something you find, it’s the type of thing you build every day and starts with yourself (:

  14. I’m ten yrs older then you and I think I was so much more on track at your age then I am today. But I believe that I’m finding my way back. It’s been a very painful, lonely and disheartening journey but I’m truly blessed because in my darkest times when I’ve been all alone and felt I was about to loose hope that’s when I’ve come to know that I’m never alone. My Lord, My God is always with me. Even when I’m messing up, I know He’s there eagerly waiting for me to ask for His guidance, protection, forgiveness or whatever it is I’m needing. God is good. And you can find a blessing in everything. Some you may not figure out for years or even in this lifetime. But even our most painful events in life come with a blessing. We just have to be mindful enough to look for them.

    1. Lesli Roberts says: Reply

      Pick and choose your battles…
      Life is too short to be arguing about the toilet paper rolls should be put on holder over or under…lol
      Or how the towels should be folded, or matching socks…
      As I have matured in my life (almost 50).. I have figured out most battles are a waste of breath, time, and energy…

  15. Loved reading this! Thank you

    1. Such a beautiful article…. thank you for this…. with love 💕 yami

  16. The lesson I learned is its okay to fail and start again. Your grades and academic achievement doesn’t define who you are in the future. If you want to be something it takes time and patience to see the result.

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