6 Things You Should Do To Improve Your Mental Health

Most of us take our mental health for granted. It’s so easy to ignore the signs and just continue living every day on autopilot without taking the time to slow down or pause when our mind needs to.
The state of our mental health can affect our entire life.

Feeling Gratitude

In your dark days, remember all the good things you have in your life. All the love, support, and patience that you receive from the people that are close to you. For your bed. For the food on your plate. For the sun or the rain. Remembering these things helps you fight and continue the battle. Always try to make it a habit to identify and find something to be grateful for. Regardless of how small or insignificant they may seem – as long as it helps you bring yourself back to the light. I know there are days when you may need to look extra hard just to find it, but it’s there and worth finding!

Forgiving yourself and others

More often we see forgiveness as something that we give to other people without realizing that it’s also something that we need, in order for us to grow and move on.

Forgiveness simply means that we are now willing to let go and not let the words of other people hurt us anymore. Also, forgive yourself for past mistakes. Don’t let anger and pain consume you, set yourself free.

Taking a time out from social media

Using social media is not bad if you do good usage but sometimes we all need a break from it to go outside, breathe, and do something that we love. Try taking a mini-digital detox, go for half a day without using them or even just for a couple hours, and instead use that time to spend quality time with yourself or with the people you love. Trust me, those couple of hours make a huge difference!

Being kind 

Each of us is going through our own battles, always be kind you never know what that person is going through. Little acts of kindness make so much difference in everyone’s lives. And knowing that you helped make someone’s day, in a way also helps boost your overall well-being.

Starting a Journal

Journal helps you to look at the situation more in-depth. It causes you to focus more on the core of the matter. This often shows that the problem isn’t as big of a deal as you initially thought. It’s also an excellent way to get it all out, everything you’re thinking and feeling, giving you a sense of peace in your mind.

Getting enough sleep, sunlight, and exercising

You can make a positive impact on your mental health by simply taking better care of your physical health. Getting a good night’s sleep, exercising or walking every day, and eating more nutritious foods are some good starters for good physical health.

What do you do to take care of your mental health?

Let me know in the comment section below, I would love to hear from you ❤️

9 Replies to “6 Things You Should Do To Improve Your Mental Health”

  1. I went to gym for my goal but as well as for mental heath and taking a good diet ,and I also write my journal at the end of my day, that what I did in my whole day and sometimes I also go in the park to enjoy the mother Nature,this the most satisfying thing.Trust me 😊.

  2. It’s really good to have such advices! Thank you for helping to remember easy and really working tips for humans mental health!

  3. These articles you write are so meaningful, helpful, and very well done. I recently discovered the app. I love it. It really makes me think about things I usually don’t think about. I open the app every morning. It’s changed some of my thinking and behaviors already. I paid for the subscription because this app is so helpful and well done. I’m happy to support you guys. Please keep it up! We need you!! Robin from NY

    1. Melissa Sookdeo says: Reply

      I eat junk food i dont execrise at all as i read your blog i am.going to change that i would eat healthy an execrise thank you for sharing i am looking forward to seeing more if ur blog thank you

  4. I have decide to start a new tradition with my young adult daughter. Yesterday we choose a Christmas movie and we did a movie night. Christmas movie are full of positivity message, love, kindness, happiness, togetherness ect… For now on we will watch as much as possible during the month of December Christmas movie together.

  5. Maria Diamond says: Reply

    I’m Happy that I’m alive, I Don’t using staff, I get help.

    1. Maria Diamond says: Reply

      Syön säännöllisesti, ulkoilen tarpeeksi, annan menneisyyden jäädä taakse ja käännän uuden sivun elämässäni, olen kiitollinen ja nöyrä siitä mitä minulla on. Saan viimein oikeanlaista apua ja neuvoja elämään parempi laatuista elämää.
      Olen vihdoin valon polulla.☺️

  6. Thank for reminding me of the importance of every second I spend in my life . Your words are really touching and core .💙

  7. I prayed to have a peace of mind. Wait for God’s promises and trust in Him. I love this app cause it also helps improve my mental health. Thank you so much for making me grateful even in small things.

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