Hey ❤ I have some reminders for you

Hey you,

Life can be unexpected. But sometimes you need unexpected moments. These moments take you to places you never dreamed of, but in the end, are so perfect. Because it can be so easy to live in your comfort zone. But sometimes it’s not until you step outside your comfort zone that you realize what has been waiting on the other side for you. You have been immersed in what’s right in front, that you missed something magical right beside you. And that is why unexpected moments happen, to bring you closer to what is meant for you. To show you new possibilities and potential. To allow your life to fall into place.

You have to be thankful for the moments that were incredibly challenging. No matter how hard they were, led you to the person you are today.

Keep going. Keep trying every single day. It all starts with showing up for you, trusting you, and believing in you.

You’re not behind in life. There’s no schedule or timetable that we all must follow. What is early? What is late? Compared with whom? Compared with what? Wherever you are right now is exactly where you need to be. We are all different with a variety of needs and goals.

Your life is not on anyone’s schedule. Don’t beat yourself up for where you are right now. It’s your timeline, not anyone else’s, and nothing is off schedule.

Fall in love with the things in life that interest you. Don’t worry if it’s not what others love. Don’t worry if it doesn’t feel “cool” or “trendy”. Do more of what makes you smile. The more you do those things, the more your heart will be happy. And a happy heart becomes a happy life.

Stop being unhappy with yourself. Stop wishing you looked like someone else. Stop hating your body, your face, and your personality. Love them. Without those things, you wouldn’t be you.

And at the end of the day, you can sleep well knowing you are worthy. Knowing that you are beautiful inside and out. That you’ve done the best you can. That you are so incredibly deserving, valuable, loved, and treasured. You can sleep well knowing you are amazing and so loved. I hope you read this and believe me.

From the person who will always believe in you,



18 Replies to “Hey ❤ I have some reminders for you”

  1. Thank you for your uplifting and inspiring blog post. Your words are a powerful reminder that life can be full of unexpected moments that can take us to new places and bring us closer to what is meant for us. It’s true that sometimes we get so caught up in our comfort zone that we miss out on amazing opportunities that are right beside us.

  2. Raveena Nichani says: Reply

    Beautiful and so inspiring
    When the going gets tough,we get tougher.
    Enjoy the little things and be grateful always wherever one is in life.
    All events were meant to happen to let you be the person you are today.
    May lord give the strength to everyone to fight their battle and stay blessed always

    1. Melissa Sookdeo says: Reply

      Thank you

  3. Melissa Sookdeo says: Reply

    Thank you

  4. Gracias, creo que respire como aliviada, gracias.

  5. Thank you so much

    1. Thank you so much for this

  6. Jolee Andersen says: Reply

    Needed to hear this so much right now 🙏

  7. This is an amazing reminder at just the right time. I’ve had such hard times in the past, I remember those feelings. Now, in my 50s, I feel like I’m swimming upstream again. The job that has sustained me well thru my 40s, is no longer felt to be my long term career or my calling. I also remember what I had to do to reverse my trajectory in my 30s. Thankfully, today, I have better resources at my fingertips. 🥰

  8. Darshna prajapati says: Reply

    I’m so thankful today to give confidence to myself. I’m happy to read this.

    Again thank you so much for giving better night affirmation.🥰

  9. Thanks 😊for the reminder

  10. Thanks for reminder…it was badly needed at this time..feeling grateful again..and now will try to accept the change with gratitude and confidence come into my life

  11. ✨🌙🌸

  12. Aww! This is very timely and very nice. This is very inspiring. Thank you so much! I love it! 😍

  13. -thank you so much for the warm and motivating words, it really means a lot.

  14. I’m on auto Pilot these days. I’m just winging it and I have no idea if I’m doing “Life right”. I’m in a war right now and it feels like it’s me against the whole world, Just starting to realize I’m the only one who’s gonna hurt in the end and I’m tired of fighting. Thank you for this post I needed the reassurance to know that what I call “winging it” is actually the chapter of my life already written no matter how lost I feel. So tomorrow we will try again but this time with unshakable confidence. I appreciate you all

  15. “Stop being unhappy with yourself. Stop wishing you looked like someone else. Stop hating your body, your face, and your personality. Love them. Without those things, you wouldn’t be you.” This resonated in me for sure. Thank you 🌻

  16. This was relatable to me on every level. Thank you for your empowering words and opening up my heart.

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