Tips For How To Make A Bad Day Better

Having a down day? Does everything seem to be going wrong? It happens to everyone so don’t feel bad.

But even when you have a bad day, you still have the right to decide if you want to change it.

These simple tips will hopefully help pick you up on a bad day and remind you of your amazing self-worth:

♡ Get up. Get washed. Get dressed. Put on clothes you feel good and comfortable in.

♡ Put your phone away and go for a walk.

♡ Stretch. Get some sunlight. Move your body. Breathe deeply and slowly for a little while.

♡ Talk to someone you love. Talk to someone close to you, someone with whom you can rely on and trust. Take out everything that you have in mind.

♡ Make a list of your accomplishments because you deserve to be proud of your accomplishments in life.

♡ Write positive affirmations. These are a great way to keep positivity and self-love on your mind.

♡ Journal. Reflect on your days, and stay in touch with your thoughts and emotions.

♡ Do some simple self-care. Take some time to pamper yourself a little bit.

♡ Accept and embrace. It can happen to anyone. You are a human being, an emotional creature. So accept and embrace that this is not your day. Better days will come.

Do what you love. If you like cooking, cook something delicious, if you like to paint, paint. Gardening, dancing, it can be anything that makes you happy.

♡ Binge-watch your favorite series. Order a pizza or your favorite meal.

♡ Listen to podcasts or youtube motivational videos to get over the negative emotions.

♡ Dance around your house or exercise. After working out, you will feel good and there is no doubt about this.

It’s just a day, and it will pass. You will get over it. A single incident or moment is not going to define your success or failure. Do whatever makes you feel better. It’s all in mind and you can do it. Just take a conscious and deliberate effort.

I really hope you’ll feel better very soon. Sending you all the love ❤️

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7 Replies to “Tips For How To Make A Bad Day Better”

  1. Wow, exactly what I needed today, starting with “get up, get washed, get dressed”.
    Sometimes its that basic for me. Just begin. You can.

  2. Great thank you for your effort

  3. Geeta Chaudhary says: Reply

    Thank you so much for sharing, your efforts are worthy because it really does have positive impact on me and i am sure on many as well ,pls keep doing because every day I love to see your msgs and daily reminders

  4. Thankyou very really motivated me to make my day better and happy

  5. Thank you so much for your positive words which have positive impact on me….really we appreciate that .

  6. Thanks jus what I need.

  7. Every day I go to your app
    And read your post , i feel better when it. ❤

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