How To Stop Caring About What Other People Think

It’s human to want to be liked and accepted by everyone. However, worrying too much about what other people think about you will prevent you to live genuinely the life of your dreams.

If you struggle with caring about what other people think, this post is for you! You have the ability to reprogram your mind and change the way you think. You have the ability to live a life where you don’t live in fear of what people think/say.

You have no control over other people’s thoughts

The truth is, we have no control over what other people think about us. Other people’s thoughts and opinions about you have nothing to do with you. The opinion someone else has of you has only to do with that person’s thought patterns. Let them judge you but don’t make that mean anything about you, because it doesn’t. People will always judge, no matter what. Let them and go live your life.

You cannot please everyone

For example, I’ve started this blog and not everyone will like the content I put out here. I cannot please every single person that visits my blog. People have different opinions and interests. Not everyone will like what I do, it’s not possible. We cannot change other people, it’s out of our control. So, don’t try to be a people pleaser. When we pay too much attention to other people’s opinions of us, we lose a part of ourselves.

Surround yourself with positive people

Surround yourself with people who love and accept you for who you are. Stop hanging out with people who are always ready to judge you. Stay as far as you can from them.

Focus on your journey

Focus only on your dreams, and your goals. Stick to your values. Remember that you are you and you’re on your own journey. Be kind to yourself. Get focused on your self-care and take more time out for yourself. Understand there is more important stuff to worry about. You decide what is best for you. What people think and say about you tells more about them than you.

The world does not revolve around you

People are concentrating on their own lives and most of the time they are too busy to be watching and judging your every move. The world does not revolve around you and your world shouldn’t revolve around the opinion of others towards you. Make peace with the fact that people aren’t thinking about you anywhere near as much as you think they are.

Accept that some people will like you and other people won’t

We don’t have to like everyone. We won’t immediately bond with everyone. People aren’t always going to like you, no matter what you do. It might be for no particular reason, just a feeling or vibe they have. All nothing to do with you. Some people won’t like you and that is perfectly okay.

You have more important things to do

While you are worrying about what people think of you, you are wasting your time not working on your life, career, and dreams. You do not owe an explanation to anybody.

The only opinion that matters is the opinion you have of yourself. People will always judge. It’s up to you and your mindset if you’re going to let them get to you.

Have enough confidence in yourself and focus on your own thoughts, feelings, and actions. Life is so much better without the constant worry about what other people think.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post, see you in the next week ❤


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  1. Very good. Thank you

    1. Thank you so much for this beautiful post,you just made my day by reminding on what’s important “me”.May God bless you richly.Amen 🙏❤️

    2. Good 👍

    3. thank you. ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Thanks for spreading positivity 😊

    1. That was great, Thank you 🙂

    2. I love all your posts..It instills a positive mindset in me nd motivates me..Everytime I come here read these blogs gives me peace…Go ahead you are doing some great work!👍👍

    3. Gayle Hegel says: Reply

      I just found you and OMG do I need you!! Loving this. Going through he’ll the past few years and I’m normally a fun, happy, confident woman. Not anymore! This too shall pass, right? Loving these positive affirmations! I will crawl out of this hell hole!!!
      Thank you so very much! This is just what I need!!

      1. It’s amazing. I get to know many things. I love the way you represent it . Thank you so much

      2. Miral Fatimah says: Reply

        Thank you for this post. It’s really is so thoughtful

      3. Thanks for this.

  3. Your so right but,If I starting not caring about others,I can become a person U would not like or get on with,BUT,other people’s apinion s DO RULE my day2day chores,Then I get angry with myself for worrying about them than myself and my little LIFE!!!!????;!!!!!!???;¿!?

  4. A'mani Noya says: Reply

    Thank you I needed this💛🌻

  5. I just wanted to say I love you whenever I get upset about something I come to read your words thank you 🥰 for the app and thank you for the blog 😊

  6. Grateful for this article.

  7. Well said💯

  8. What if it’s your family,manipulating

  9. This is all so very true. Thanks for the content.

  10. Gisele Duquenoy says: Reply

    Merci. Je décide maintenant de ne pas me préoccuper de ce les gens pensent de moi

  11. Good words of advice. Just remember we should be who God wants us to be, not others.

  12. When you stop care about the people who judge our actions or ways you think. You have great personality , as you are so should be proud of yourself.

  13. Someone said that people find faults in God too then why will they not find faults in you? Stop being judged by others.
    Do your best and really don’t care about others opinion

  14. What you said in this blog is so true. Most of the time people are so worried about what others think and if they really stopped and would think about it, those other people who judge aren’t even in any part of our lives. What others think about people shouldn’t have any affect on someones life or how they live because the people that are judging aren’t even worth wasting any time on or caring about what they think.

  15. Thank you so much dear.I needed this blog and your words so much day.
    You made my day

  16. Awesome post.

  17. It’s really helpful.

    Actually sometimes what happen is, everybody knows everything but they intentionally avoid the things that is right for them and doing that things which is wrong for them evem he/she knowing the truth. I don’t know Why ??

  18. Thank you,

  19. Even though I don’t really understand English, so far I really enjoy reading every article on this blog and trying to understand every sentence with the help of translation. Hopefully it can motivate me to learn English.

    Thank you very much, may God always make it easy for all of us.

    1. Thank you for your timely kindness. Also, it was great to see a reply in French! (And, alas, one thing i fear judgement on from strangers is my well meant fumbling attempts at their native language….but generally if both folks are desiring to communicate it works fine.
      Smiles and pointing and gesturing are fairly universal languages.)
      Thanks for your app.

  20. Amazing post! Thank you!💕

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