8 ways to a more effective time management

Do you struggle with time management? Is your time wasted because you procrastinate a lot? I’m here to help you with some time management hacks.

We’re always so stressed about everything nowadays and we think we don’t have time to go out, to start a new hobby, etc. Even though situations like this can happen, most of the time we actually can change it, and we do have time for anything. Sometimes all you have to do is get rid of some activities that are wasting your time and establish routines.

To-do lists 

As I already mentioned many times before, to-do lists are lifesavers. You need a way to keep track of everything that has to be done in your life. I’ve always found a to-do list to be the easiest and most effective way.  The habit of writing down every task you have to do can help you to better prepare yourself for work and planning ahead.

Minimize distractions

You’re probably wasting a lot of your time scrolling through social media, we should be aware of how much time we spend on them. Sometimes we really need a detox (you can read my digital detox post here). We’re constantly checking every notification we receive on our phones while trying to work. It’s distracting and it affects your concentration and focus.

Taking breaks

If you’re tired or have been working for more than two hours you need to take a break.

Get up from your desk, stretch yourself, or do some light exercise. Frequent breaks promote focused work. This simple action can help you to stay motivated during your working hours.

Habits and routines

There are always certain habits and routines you can implement to better organize yourself, for example having a morning routine, a better sleep routine, a self-care routine, and many more. You can find these habits on the 21 days challenge app too.


You’ve got to learn to prioritize. You have the time to do anything, but not everything. And so prioritizing becomes key. Of course, prioritizing isn’t easy, but it’s a skill worth learning.

Don’t multitask

Focus on one task at a time and just get it done. Every time we switch tasks we have to refocus again, and it’s a waste of time. For example, don’t try to write a paper or doing work while also watching TV, It takes at least double the time it would if you were to just write the paper.

Just focus on starting

If you procrastinate a lot, this is for you.

Just focus on starting, then do the next inch, and the next inch. Don’t look ahead and see the whole big project, just focus on the next tiny step you have to take. It really works!

The Pomodoro Technique

It’s one of the most used time-management techniques and is a great little procrastination destroyer,

All you have to do is setting a timer where you have to work for 25 minutes, then you get a 5-minute break and then you work for another 25 minutes.

It’s simple, yet effective because convincing yourself to work for just 25 minutes is actually quite easy, especially with the lure of a break!

What are your favorite time management techniques? What you do to stop procrastinating? Tell me everything 😊


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    1. Awesome post!

  1. Varsha Kapil Gaur says: Reply

    21 days app is really helping me out!! And this post has some cool points. I am going to work on these. Thanks!

  2. The first one (To Do List) is so essential & the last two techniques are so inspiring .. Thank you

    1. Heather Shewmaker says: Reply

      Love this entire app. It’s one of the greatest apps I have EVER used in my life. It offer so so much & helps u improve every aspect of your life. Along with the reading the blogs, this is truly packed with life changing activities & an amazing everyday tool … highly recommend

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  4. This is a life saver! These tips will definitely help me with my school assignments and other major goals. Thank you so much for sharing😊

    1. I like the pomodoro technique. I can’t wait to give it a go. ;-P

      1. I like the Pomodoro technique. Never heard that before. That is a great way to ease the anxiety of taking on a big task. Break it up and just start.

  5. I will follow all these steps

    1. Doris Dillon-Contreras says: Reply

      Great advice
      My down fall is the T.V. that and my life seems to revolve around everyone else in the house so not only do I have to stop procrastinating I have to learn to let my grown family do for themselves..

  6. Great …..these management techniques sound so good….

  7. Good tips😀👌 I usually use pomodoro for my daily task at work and it’s really useful!
    Thanks for this nice article🤩

  8. I’m working on time management and I see some progress. The pomodoro technique is new to me + I’d love to challenge myself 🙂

    1. Emmanuel Ogbonna says: Reply

      It’s cool… Thanks for the tips

      1. Thank you for those good tips, i love to learn

      2. I love these ideas, I am such a procrastinator!!!

  9. I have been struggling with work out apps, but 21 days challenge has helped me stick to at least 4 days work out in a week 😊😊

  10. All of the its need a rigid strong heart to be better tomorrow will.(WILL POWER)

  11. What a great post. Thank you so much. 🙂

    Also I love your app. 😊

  12. The pomposity sound like a very good technique would be trying very soon. Thanks for the tips.

    1. I meant to type Pomodoro

  13. I needed this right in time

  14. Thanks. you guys are AMAZING 💗.
    I really procrastinate and when I have a lot to get done, I end up doing nothing with all the stress. Like right now. 😔

    I hope this helps

  15. im super excited about this app going threw first divorce with three girls isnt easy and alot of my days are more stress an worried about future than task at hand this is excellent idea

  16. These tips are great 🥰 and the app is really helping me out as well👍

  17. Thank you for this.

  18. Enjoying starting to make a change

  19. I am going to try the pomodoro method at work.

  20. Thanks for sharing these good tips….worth a try😁👌

  21. Gracias por estos consejos y la increible aplicacion de 21 DIAS…🥰✨

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    Good post.
    Thanks for sharing.

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