Easy ways to be more sustainable in your daily life

Living more environmentally friendly is easier than you might think. You just need to start implementing more mindful decisions about your actions. A lot of eco-friendly living substitutes are made to last longer, so you end up buying less in the long run. Aside from purchasing eco-friendly products, these are just a few examples that will jumpstart your path to a more sustainable life:

Bring your own bag for groceries

Don’t use plastic bags, instead use tote bags or eco-friendly mesh produce bags for your fruits and veggies.

7 Pack Reusable Produce Bags- Organic Cotton Mesh

Buy local/in bulk

Support local farmers and businesses. Shopping locally will help reduce your carbon footprint. You’re also a lot more likely to find food products that are ‘package free’.

Or you can buy in bulk, bringing your own containers, to reduce the amount of packaging waste. It’s great for your wallet and the environment.

Thrift Shop

The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry behind petroleum. Thrift shopping saves clothing from going to the landfill where it can stay for years. It’s also more affordable, fun, and unique!

Use reusable water bottle/coffee mug

Imagine how much money you’ll save not buying plastic throw-away bottles! You’ll also help the environment a lot.

Tree Tribe Stainless Steel Water Bottle – Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle

Choose glass, stainless steel, or bamboo

Invest in sustainable products like glass, stainless steel, or bamboo for your home. These products are more durable and better for your health.

Zero Waste Kit – Sustainable Living Starter Box – Natural Reusable Bamboo Utensils

Stop buying disposables

Always use reusables, avoid buying plastic cutlery, cups, plates, and straws.

Metal Straws Stainless Steel – 10.5″ Ultra Long 4 + 1 – W/Cleaning Brush

Substitute plastic wrap 

You can easily substitute that for organic, biodegradable, and reusable beeswax food wrap, or just use containers.

3 Pack Reusable Beeswax Food Wraps

Lower your meat consumption 

Even just refraining from not eating meat one day a week can help. Every small action helps to reduce your carbon footprint.

Don’t waste food and compost

Compost veggie/fruit peelings, old flowers and plants, egg boxes, paper, and leaves so that can be returned to your garden.

Make your own cleaning products

Most of the store cleaners are toxic. You can easily make your own using natural ingredients (you can find lots of ideas on Pinterest for example).


Donate items you no longer need instead of throwing them away.

Cut down on water usage

Sometimes we forget but water sustainability is a thing. Small tasks like cutting down on shower time (even just 1 minute can make a huge difference) and turning off the water while brushing your teeth is very important in the long run.

Conserve energy 

Turn off electronics if you’re not using them, like your television, computer, unplug kitchen appliances that are not very used, turn off the AC before leaving home. These are some small things that make a huge difference every month.

These are just a few ways to live sustainably. They will not only help create positive change for your home and our planet, but it’s also a great way to save money over time.

Do you have any other sustainable tips? Let me know in the comments 😊


10 Replies to “Easy ways to be more sustainable in your daily life”

  1. Bhavna Kikla says: Reply

    Absolutely! Very good ideas…thnx for sharing 😊👍

  2. Great ideas! What you give to nature, the same it’ll return to you. 💚😇🌿
    Moving towards an organic and eco-friendly lifestyle will not only save our planet and nature but will also provide us a pure environment free from all the harmful chemicals we breathe, consume, and use daily.

  3. Marcia M N Cobarruvia says: Reply

    Thx for sharing. We have to help our planet every day in small things. Let’s make the difference 😉

  4. Erika Pinto says: Reply

    This is a great post of reminders for me and also great new ideas. It feels good to know I am doing my part. For me this is a feel good post!! Thank you!!🤗🥰

  5. Simple solutions we need to be more mindful about

  6. Muy buena publicación. Yo también ya me hice en casa el baño seco para reducir el consumo de agua. Gracias.

  7. Christy Renee Duplantier says: Reply

    Thank you for this I am going to have to try this out. My children would like this to.

  8. Thanks slot for sharing Great ideas with us
    Really I love it because I’m from the Middle East and these ideas are relatively new to us
    Thanks again😊

    1. Kamariki Kirima says: Reply

      Very happy to read such advising words

  9. I am really going to try and make an exerted effort to be more aware and do them. Something as simple reusable bags at the grocery store is a great start.👍. I am a big thrift shpper, it’s always goodwill lol soo maybe I could venture to another thrift shop! Getting ur food non packaged I think is great. I stopped using the bags for banana’s n such, small but it’s a start

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