How to be more mindful

First of all, what is mindfulness? Basically, is living in the present and truly enjoying the little things in life. It means being aware of your thoughts, feelings, body sensations and accepting them without judgment.

Being mindful has many benefits. It can help reduce anxiety, better connections with other people, understanding yourself more and can improve your life and happiness.

There are many ways to be mindful. Here I’m going to share some ways to be more mindful in your everyday life:

🍝Eat mindfully 

Take your time to eat instead of rushing through it. Focus on the look, smell and taste of your food. Avoid distractions and be fully present when you eat.

🧼Mindful shower 

Visualize washing away your negative thoughts and concentrate on the feeling of the water on your skin.

Practice gratitude 

Being grateful can change your whole perspective on life. Being grateful helps you come back to the moment by focusing on everything that you have instead of everything that you don’t have. You start to focus on positive thoughts and let go your fearful, anxious brain pattern.

Before going to sleep, try to write 3 things you’ve really appreciated from the day.

🚶‍♀️Be aware of your body

Pay attention to the way your body moves, what you can touch and feel. Reset your posture each time you sit down, gently straightening the back.

🌲Spend more time in nature

Spending time in nature can totally change your mood. Go hiking, go to a park or forest and notice everything around you, all the sounds. Find a peaceful spot where you can sit down and write whatever you’re feeling. Or sit in a quiet place for a while and simply “be”.

💆Focus on your breath

Sit comfortably, feel your feet firmly grounded on the floor, your back straight and hands on your lap. Focus on the breathing for a while. Do this at least once a day.

Try to be aware of your breath as often as you can during the day. Focusing your attention on your breath brings you back to the now.

☕Do one thing at a time

You can’t be fully present in the moment if you’re multitasking. Stop doing everything at the same time and instead concentrate on one task at hand.

We do many things on autopilot during the day without really being present for them. For example, the next time you make your coffee in the morning, try to be fully present. Focus on the smell, the taste. Take your time to do things instead of rushing through them.

Being mindful helps you to slow down and stop rushing. To stop thinking on the past but focusing on the present. You’ll see amazing results on your mood, mindset, stress levels and relationships.

I hope you enjoyed these tips. If you have any please share in the comments. See you next time 💕




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  2. Thank you so much 🥺
    We’ll definitely do more giveaways in the future!
    Means a lot to us knowing that, sending you lots of love ❤️

  3. This is amazing… ❤️
    Love the way u have explained it… 😊

    1. I love it!! This blog was awesome I saw a couple of things i can do to make things easier for me, gratitude was my favorite, and breathing because I am getting into meditation more💓Thank you so very much

  4. Love your sharing and points given. Thank you so much. It’s practicable and easy to understand your writing. Really appreciate it. Sending lots of love. Your 21 days apps did a very well job to my life betterment. Love you guys so much. Your blog landing page also pleasant to read. Keep it up.

    1. Thank you sooo much for your sweet comment! 🥺
      Lots of love 💕

    2. It’s odd that I’ve actually heard most of these concepts/techniques before but somehow the way you presented them here had me nodding my head and thinking “Ahhh yes!” I actually feel more grounded already. Wow. Thank you.

      1. P. Sai Ganesh says: Reply

        Love you ❤️ the app creator.
        Dear Comrade, Just I want to meet you and spend sometime with you. Thanks a ton and love from my side.

  5. I will definitely try these tips and keep doing and keep giving 😁

  6. I love this app so so much! But will the team increase more challenges? Or may I know where to get more ideas or template so that I can create one for myself too?

    1. We launch a new challenge every month 🥰

  7. Oi from Brazil!!!
    You guys are really helping me out with your app. And now this wonderful blog.
    Gratidão! Gratefulness! Obrigada. Thank you.

    1. We’re so happy to know that! Thank you 💖

  8. I love your blog. Simple and focused ❤️

    1. Thank you so much! 💖

  9. Thank you so much for sharing this with me. I’m really grateful! 💗

    1. Thanks for reading it! 😊

  10. I’m grateful for you, I really needed to remind me with this important and useful tips🙏❤️

    1. Thank you 😊

  11. Eu amei demais esse app, gratidão por cada ajuda cada frase diária me fez meditar corretamente e controlar a ansiedade e pensamentos vcs são demais obrigada 🥰😘

  12. I just love this page! A true lifestyle modifier 🙏🥰 sending my love and wishing your more success!

  13. I’m thinking it’s good idea..the one thing at a time. I was that person. The multi tasker, people pleaser, go get it done attitude. That is until last year. I ignore little signs happening to me, my body, my mind. Now I wish I had paused and sought out answers. Now, I fight for answers with doctors. Why am I falling and dizzy. How come I have issues with my heart. Why is my ears constant ringing or pains? More and more piled up while I still kept living life in a MAD RUSH. So, best advice I wished I knew sooner. Listen to your body. Take care of your vessel and love or spoil yourself sometimes. It’s needed and important otherwise your fuel tank runs dry then what? Who’s gonna take care of you any better than your ownself. Pause, listen, and one thing at a time. Be You. Love You.

  14. Heidy Mendoza says: Reply

    Excelente contenido 👌

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