20 things to do at your twenties

In my opinion, your twenties are a time for massive individual growth. Life changes drastically from your teens to your twenties. I’ve already learned a lot about myself, my early twenties so far have been a rollercoaster and that’s completely normal. It’s an exciting decade, with many firsts and new experiences.

And you don’t have to be married and have kids in your 20s, if you do or if you want to that’s awesome! But don’t feel pressure to do that just because society thinks that’s the right path. You choose your own path, it’s your life.

So today I’m sharing 20 things you should do in your twenties:

🥣1.Learn how to cook properly

Sounds obvious right? But let me tell you: most people when they live alone for the first time have a shameful diet of quick meals, takeaways, and grease every day.

Don’t be one of those people, try your hand at new things, and don’t be afraid to test a new recipe. And cooking it’s actually so fun!

💸2. Start a savings account

Start saving before you’re 20, even if it’s only a little bit at a time, you never know when you’re going to need some extra cash. Open a savings account if you don’t already have one. Saving money is another way to teach yourself responsibility.

💕3.Spend more time with your family

Your relationship with your family changes a lot after your teenage years. I’ve always heard that you start appreciating your parents more when you become a parent yourself or when you move alone. Thank your parents for everything and show gratitude towards them.

💃4.Accept Your Body

At some point, you’ll realize the only way to finally achieve freedom is to accept your body. So, accept the flaws you think you have and learn to love your body just the way it is.

💆5.Establish a daily skincare routine

Your twenties are all about prevention, and if you want your skin looking as youthful as possible, start early. Even if it’s just making sure never to go to bed with makeup on or moisturize every single day.

🧘6.Look after your mental health

Taking care of our mental health needs to be a priority for all of us. In your twenties, you probably feel drastic changes in your life, and it can be difficult to find meaning in each day. ‘Meaning’ can be different for everyone, so I suggest avoiding comparing yourself to others. And remember that it’s OK not to be OK. If you need help, just ask. Whether it’s seeking professional advice or just asking a friend for support.

📵7.Break a negative habit

For example for me my biggest negative habit it’s how much time I waste on social media. And for that reason, I decided to create a challenge for “social media detox” (that you can find on the 21 Days Challenge App) to help me and other people breaking that habit. Look at how those bad habits made you feel, and find a healthy “good” replacement that will give you similar good-feels without the negative after-effects.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑8.Stay in touch and reconnect with old friends

When they move out of the country or go to different schools it’s easy to get disconnected from important people. I suggest you spending quality time with your friends before your days start to become way too busy and overwhelming.

✨9.Do something you’ll be proud of

Whether it be forming a new habit or keeping up with an old one, do something that you know will make you proud. Accomplish something that you want to do. For example, if you have been wanting to learn playing a new instrument for a long time, learn it! Take the action steps and get it done.

⭐10.Take time to be grateful for what you have

Getting caught up in a busy life, it’s so easy to miss the little things so take a moment to look around and express gratitude for the people and experiences that have led you to where you are today.

😴11.Get more sleep

When we’re teenagers we tend to forget how important is to have a 7-8 hours night of sleep. And all we want to do is staying up way too late (and that’s so wrong). Sleep is so important to your body, brain, and mental health. Changing your sleep cycle can be very difficult at first, but there are certain things you can do that will make it easier (again, you can find a challenge for that on the 21 Days Challenge App, self-promo am I right? haha).

☀️12.Find your passion

It’s important to set goals for yourself. Easy than done right? Finding what you’re passionate about can be a long and overwhelming journey. But you don’t have to have it all figured out. Finding your passion is a journey and it’s as simple as pursuing an interest or being open to trying new things.

🧺13.Minimalize your life

Remember that less is more. Physical clutter sometimes may cause you stress and it accumulates because you don’t use it, but you don’t want to let go. Only keep what sparks joy, you’ll feel so much better and more freedom if you just stick to the things that really matter!


Read at least one book a month. It’s a great way to disconnect from technology and a fantastic way to increase your literary fluency, vocabulary, and knowledge.


For me, this is so important! My journal is a place where I can release any thoughts and gain clarity on my goals and dreams. Writing down your thoughts can ease stress and anxiety. Journaling can also help clear your mind and help you feel refreshed! I can’t recommend this enough.

🏃‍♂️16.Don’t rush

Many of us think that in our 20’s we need to have everything figured out but there’s so much to achieve and explore. Many runs behind career and relationships during this time neglecting about themselves. Just know that everything will work out at the right time.

🥗17.Eat healthy

Although it may be more convenient to order take out and save time, your body isn’t getting the nutrition that it needs. And cooking your meals can be fun and a lot healthier than eating out. Invest in you and your health.


Traveling outside of the country you live in is such a great experience and why not experience it while you’re still young? You learn so much more about different cultures when you travel to a country.

👨‍💻19.Get your first job

It’s scary but it’s so important for your future. Getting your first real job will teach you many life lessons. What you want your future to be like and since you still have the option to deviate from your career choice, it is important to learn well about the job and explore others that you might be interested in.

🎨20.Create something

Even if you think you’re not a creative person, you won’t know what you’re capable of unless you try.

Maybe you’ll discover an aptitude for pottery, painting, writing a book,… I never knew that I would create a mobile app or a blog and here I am!

I really hope you liked this post! See you in the next one 🙂

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  1. And i think that it’s good to learn more about your inner mind and try to meditate at least 10 minutes a day
    I’m 22 years old and the meditation has change my life and it has made me more social and calm and it has improved my personality ,mind and abilities
    Meditation is really important if you want to be a positive person

    1. Totally agree with you! Meditation is so important in our everyday life 🙂

      1. ABHISHEK PRINCE says: Reply

        Filled with awesomeness !
        So finally got my to do list for the time being. Keep doing what you do.

      2. This is giving soo much of positive energy….its like, eventhough we know what to b done, often we need some source to push or remember those and this 21 days app is being that for me.
        Just love this app nd these blogs aree too good❤.
        Keep inspiring🌸.

      3. Woooow such a good” points”to note,wish would be able to save so I keep re-reading.

      4. This was really helpful

        1. This was great

  2. I wish I can share this to anyone.

  3. I wish I can share this to anyone. I guess I’m not the only one who sees it. I want to share or I want the people around me read this.

    1. You already have the option to share 😊

      1. Very good motivation. I already follow some recommendations , it is time to get new ones )) Thanks !!

    2. It’s so awesome, and I love that positive way of see how to treat yourself and I love it ❤️ 21 days challenge I think it gives me a productive habit.
      I’m 20 yrs old, and I love to learn new things and become productive everyday and I think this challenge it is really helps me 😘 thank you for sharing!

    3. You’re amazing. Thank you for putting this out here, I really needed it. Thank you, Sis.💖

  4. The topic is very interesting and important , I am 26 years old and have started using the time remaining before reaching my thirties and the first thing I started with is learning the language and practicing sports.

    1. That’s awesome! What sports did you start practicing? 😊

  5. Dapinder kaur says: Reply

    Me too want to share it…its really so good…THANK U SO MUCH TO TELL US THIS …😇

    1. You already have the option to share 😊

  6. Mutwa Maryanne Farida says: Reply

    Honestly you guys are just awesome 🤗🤗. Great message 💯💯. 21 days challenge has been a blessing to me❤. Thank you guys for sharing this and totally everything .

    1. Thank you so so much for your support 🥰

  7. Firstly, this post wow….I also change my life what I want and aslo improve my english communication, anyway thanks guys share this post with great message👍

  8. Great post! I can’t wait to read
    30 things to do at your 30s? 😉😉

  9. I don’t know who is writing this but thankyou so much!! ♥️ You really improved me n my mental peace and made me a better person!!.. and this post helped me alott!! It cleared most of my doubts.And I really loved the daily reminders!! Very much helpful for me!!. Thanks a million!!❤️

    1. Means a lot to know that 🥺
      Thank you so much ❤️

  10. I lost my Dad less than a year ago and it made me understand how short life is, I really wanted to enjoy his presence a little longer … So the third tip is really very important … spend time with your family. Your 20 tips are very relevant thank you very much… Je parle français sorry for my poor English

    1. I’m so sorry for your loss.
      Sending all the love and strength to you ❤️
      And your English is really good!

  11. Wow!! Am inspired!! Sometimes we never know that we can do something until we try or take an action. I love the fact that you never knew you would have a blog and here it is!! Very inspiring!!

  12. Wow!
    This is Awesome🙂
    I so much love the tips stated.. thanks for sharing

    Now I can get to the ones I’ve not really tried out..

  13. I know i need to work through all this but i feel no energy. Kinda feel lost.

  14. Quite insightful and interesting

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