How To Find Yourself When You’re Feeling Lost

If you’re feeling lost right now, please don’t feel discouraged.

Most people, at one point or the other, feel lost in their journey through life. Even when it seems like they have everything perfectly placed together.

Life is a roller coaster of events. There are good and bad days. Remember that.

So, how can you start finding yourself when you feel lost and unmotivated? Let’s start with a few steps:

Change your mindset to think more positively

Instead of waking up and thinking “I don’t want to go to work.“, “The weather is so bad“, wake up and think, “I’m so happy to be alive“, “I can’t wait to start this day.” This is life-changing. When you change the way you talk and think, you change your perspective and life is all about perspective. When you are experiencing certain challenges in life you may not always have control over a situation but you have a choice about how you view it.

Stop comparing yourself to others

Realize that you’re unique and beautiful in your own way, and so is every single person.

Appreciate the small things

Don’t always see the negative side of everything. Accept your growth, your pain, your self-doubt, and keep an open mind. That’s all part of the journey.

Appreciate all the little things on your daily basis, like the warmth of the sun, your soft bed, birds chirping, and the food you eat. These little things can help you to find yourself.

Unplugging from social media

Technology allows us to connect to anyone in the world but become more disconnected from ourselves. Having a digital detox once in a while is so important for our mental health, especially when you’re feeling lost. Remove all distractions and pay attention to your environment. Unplugging it’s about spending time on your mental health and focusing on what is important to you.

Do more what you love

As we grow up, we lose sight of how amazing life can be, we never do the things that make us happy because we feel burdened by the responsibilities of life. But it’s time to reconnect with what you love and to take action on it. Make a commitment to do what you love, to make time for it.

Get out of your comfort zone

Try new things, go on a trip, meet new people, and learn a new skill. This will help you to reconnect with yourself again. Growth doesn’t happen by staying in your bubble of comfort where everything is familiar. Challenge yourself to do something that is slightly different.

Express your feelings / Ask for help

If you feel lost right now, don’t be afraid to admit it. It’s totally okay. Open up about this, to whoever you trust. Embrace all parts of yourself. There are so many people in the world whose purpose is to help people like you. Reach out and ask for help. You don’t have to figure this out all on your own. Whether it’s a life coach, therapist, or friend, ask for help.

Remember that we are all just figuring it out along the way.
You’re not a failure if you don’t have all of the answers right away. Feeling lost is a natural part of life. But I hope that I’ve provided you with some direction on how to find yourself. ❤️

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    1. Gracias por compartir siempre tus conocimientos

  1. Thank you! It really helps me!

    1. This was really helpful…. Thank you

      1. Thank for you coments, beautiful post ❤️

      2. Losing yourself is the most challenging part of my life but yahhh here comes the tips to overcome with it. Thank you

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to write such impressionable words of truth and wisdom. I think we get so caught up with the business of our daily lives that we forget that we do have different perspectives to see with and the choices we have to choose from to see things from a different angle. Thank you again for your words of wisdom.

    1. So beautifully said!

  3. Nice 😊👍🏻

    1. Very much appreciated 🥰💞

  4. Ann Mary Raju says: Reply

    Feeling some positivity while going through this piece of writting….thank you for structuring this beautiful words✨✨🤝

  5. Thank hou! That is what I need right know. 🙏🙏🙏

  6. Merci beaucoup ❤️

  7. Briana Whitaker says: Reply

    I needed this today. Thank you.

    1. Your blogs are really matters.! 👌

      1. “You’re not a failure if you don’t have all the answers right away.” You are right. Thank you. I will keep finding solutions for my problems.

  8. You’re right 👍👍

  9. Beautiful post 😍……thank you

  10. Thank you so much, I’m in a social media detox right now! And I feel much better 🌟

  11. Thank you💖🙏💗

  12. Hemashri patil says: Reply

    I am really feeling cool after reading this…♥️

  13. Thank you so much it’s like my daily habit to read ur blogs……Thank you so much

  14. Thank you once again for a very beautiful and positive post.
    Your so right. Life is all about the way we chose to view things and feel about things at that moment.
    No matter how bad things can be at the moment, we can change thing with a positive mindset looking at the positive things we can be grateful for and give thanks.
    One example of how to change your mindset and mood is: It’s dark, cloudy and ugly outside but what a great day to cuddle up on the coach with a cozy blanket, read a great book or watch a great movie, or even catch up on some house chores.
    It’s all about the mindset that changes the mood. Life sometime makes us so busy to realize that we can change the way we feel and think about things when we put it into practice. We may not be able to change certain situations but we can sure change the way we think, view and feel about them. Positivity brings forth positivity and negativity brings forth negativity. Chose positivity.
    Thank you once again for a beautiful post ❤️

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