Reminders for Anxiety

One thing I’ve learned is that you shouldn’t fight your anxiety. You should try to accept the emotions you’re feeling.

Don’t ever give up on improving yourself even if it is really scary. Remember that it’s okay not to be okay.

Anxiety manifests for many reasons, so not all of these reminders may be applicable to you and your situation. However, I hope that you find some of these words helpful in your journey to overcoming your anxiety.

You are alive! What a gift!

You are a miracle. You are one of a kind. Never forget that.

Life is so short to be worried about things you can’t control and not living in the present moment. You don’t want to spend it worrying about what might be or what might have been.

Anxiety is not your enemy

No feeling you feel is bad, even your anxiety.

The sooner you accept your anxiety, the sooner you’ll find peace with it.

You are who you are because of all of your life experiences, including your feelings and anxiety.

Your anxiety is trying to tell you something important

When you start feeling anxious, sad, or angry really try to think about the reason behind it.

Sometimes our anxious feelings come from thoughts that are trying to save us from danger (whether it is real or made-up). Other times, our anxiety occurs because something in our life is not meant for us.

Everything is going to be okay

Repeat this over and over in your head when you’re feeling anxious.

And everything does in fact turn out okay.

You don’t need to be perfect

You don’t need to be perfect, great at everything, accepted by everyone.

There is no one right way to live life. We all make mistakes. We all stumble and fall. This is all part of the journey to get us to where we need to go.

You are not alone

Trust in someone else. Talk about it. It can be your family, friends, partner, a support group, a therapist,…Connecting with others can help you realize that you are not alone.

Millions of people suffer from anxiety disorders. It can strike anyone at any time. There is always someone who understands exactly what you are going through.

Anxiety will not kill you

Even though it sure feels like it will when you’re having a panic attack, I know how scary it can be. But remember, you’ve already survived every anxiety attack, and you will get through this, too.

You have the power to reduce your anxiety. Nothing lasts forever. In the middle of an anxiety attack, it can feel like the end of the world. But, that is just the anxiety talking. It’s only temporary and things will get better.

You are in control of your thoughts

You have the power to control your body and your mind. Your brain is changeable. You can challenge and change your thoughts.

Remember, thoughts are not facts.

You deserve to be happy

The more you focus on your fears and the more you research all the terrible things that could happen, the stronger your anxiety will become.

Don’t feed your fears and negative thoughts. You deserve love, peace, and happiness. You have so much to offer the world.

I really hope you’ve found some inspiration here to help you with your anxiety.

I’ve written an ebook where I share my past and my experience with anxiety and panic attacks, and how I’ve started dealing with it and accepting my feelings. If you’re interested in reading it, you can buy the ebook here.

I also want to highly recommend seeking professional help if your anxiety is holding you back from life. Don’t isolate yourself and don’t hide your feelings.

I wish you a wonderful week and don’t forget to take care of yourself ❤

8 Replies to “Reminders for Anxiety”

  1. Hey yasmeen says: Reply

    Love it! Katie 💖
    I got anxiety and panic attact for the first time ever in 2021, it was so bad and scary. I’m afraid to go out and even scared to sleep cause I feel like I wanna die at that time, my brain whisphering everything that makes me scraed, but now I’m much better that before, I can do the things that I love and working like have normal life, ✨🌱

    1. Beautiful 🥰

  2. Thanks for this wonderful blog i like it and i agree with you life is too short to be anxious so we should take care of our self

  3. Love it❤️

  4. Michelle Smith says: Reply

    I have severe anxiety and depression. I’ve had it since I was very young. A lot of trauma through out my life and it’s broken me beyond the point of fixing, I believe that anyway. I have a really hard time talking about it, expressing my feelings face to face especially is something I just cannot do without completely losing my train of thought and making a fool out of myself. I’m 52 and feel like I’m to old to change,(maybe). Thanks for your time and for reading thus.

    1. It’s not too late to make that important change in your life. You still can change. Change is the only constant in life.
      You gat this

  5. I must say, I enjoyed your blog, it’s informative and got my attention. I was left feeling glad that I’m using this app and you being here to tell me some things that I know but needed to hear them put together like you did! thank you! Now I’m looking forward to reading your “stuff.” God bless you.

  6. Thank you!

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