How To Be Okay With Being Alone

I think it’s really important to be comfortable being alone because it’s unavoidable. It’s very rare that you can spend every minute with friends, a significant other, or other people. Frequently, when we’re not in a relationship, we feel like we don’t have anyone to do things with.  Especially if we’ve just gotten out of a relationship and we’re used to having someone always there.

When you enjoy your own company, then you’ve always someone to do things with. And the more things you do on your own and the more time you spend alone, the more you’ll become okay with being with yourself. Enjoying your own company is to be able to feel at peace with the idea of being alone, spending time with yourself, and enjoying the little moments even if there’s no one around to share the excitement with.

So, today I want to share with you some tips on how to start loving your own company:

Find things you love doing

Whether this is doing something creative, exercising, baking, dancing, singing, playing an instrument, going for a walk, do something that keeps you busy and makes you feel good.

Be aware of your social media usage 

Spending too much time on social can make you feel lonely or FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

Treat yourself

Treat yourself with the same excitement as you would treat a friend. Treat yourself like someone you love.

Feel what you need to feel

Cry it out. Reconnect with your true self. Be okay with your emotions. Set free your feelings. Forgive yourself. Journal what you’re feeling.

Appreciate the little things

Be aware of all the small blessings you experience every day. Be that person who notices the morning coffee taste. Who appreciates a sunny day. Who expresses gratitude for being alive.

Work on your health

Be aware of how you fuel your body. Try cooking more at home than ordering food. Focus on moving your body as much as you can. Get enough sleep. It can be difficult even getting out of bed when you’re feeling lonely but believe me, it gets easier with time. Take baby steps.

Get out of the house/spend time in nature

Go for a walk, get some sunlight. Being in nature is so healing and relaxing. And it’s a natural energy booster.

Develop a relationship with yourself

Self-love and self-acceptance are two crucial components of long-term happiness. No one else can make you happy if you’re not content with yourself. Also, allow you to move away from the mindset of caring what others think. We spend far too much energy on the opinions of others and being alone reminds you that only one person’s opinion and approval matters is your own.

Accept your body, personality, strengths, and flaws. Treat yourself with kindness. You can read more about self-love here.

Learn to be alone and to enjoy it. There is nothing more freeing and empowering than learning to like your own company. ❤️

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  1. Hey!
    Thanks for the blog i really needed it but don’t you find it very difficult being alone and not having someone to call a friend?
    Coz being lonely can make you do something you shouldn’t have done just to try fit in
    Man I just don’t know

  2. This was really insightful and thought provoking .
    Thanks a lot for sharing .

  3. Pooja chabukswar says: Reply

    Good guidance

  4. Thank you for the post. You are absolutely right on the importance of taking that time to being alone.
    It becomes a codependency issues for many. We get so use to being around people that when people aren’t around us we start to feel lonely, depressed, out of place with ourselves and even depress to have someone’s company.
    These are unhealthy emotions.
    When this pandemic with Covid took place and people have to social distance themselves or even quarantine and stay home away from family and friends etc. Many people became depressed, lonely, suicidal and anxious. Why? Because we are so use to being around people more than we are at being alone at times.
    I’m not saying that being around people is wrong, it is healthy but when it turns into a codependency that affects your emotions it’s not healthy at all. Being alone at times to reflect on yourself, enjoy your own company, know yourself, love yourself etc is also very important and needed and rejuvenating.
    Once again thank you for this article and this reminder that being alone isn’t a bad thing but an act of getting to know yourself more and loving and valuating ourself as well.

  5. I just thought earlier that I am not used of being alone coz I overthink when I am alone. But then I found this blog and it feels like it’s really for me. It reminded me that it’s okay to have self reflection some time. Thank you for this one. It helps a lot.

  6. Ich genieße es sehr oft für mich zu sein.
    Ich hab mich vor 18 Jahren von dem Vater meines Kindes getrennt. Damals war ich im Glauben das man immer mit Menschen zu sein hätte. Allein sein war nicht angesehen, angesehener ist man wenn man sich viel verabredet, immer jemanden um sich hat. Die erste Zeit des Alleinseins fiel mir wirklich schwer. Aber ich habe den Prozess durchgezogen- mir keinen neuen Partner gesucht, sondern erstmal das Geschehene bewusst verarbeitet.
    Heute kann ich mir gar nicht mehr vorstellen so eng mit jemandem zusammen zu glucken. Ich genieße es von der Arbeit zu kommen ( arbeite in einer Kita) und erstmal für mich zu sein, Ruhe zu haben. Den Tag Revue passieren lassen. Ich hab gelernt mehr meiner inneren Stimme zu folgen bzw sie überhaupt wieder wahrzunehmen. Ich bin ausgeglichener und ruhiger, auch bedächtiger geworden.
    Ich bin zufriedener wenn ich Zeit für mich habe.
    Als ich die erste Stufe des Allein- Sein- Prozesses nach der Trennung verwunden habe, begann ich mit Schlagzeug spielen, es begleitet mich noch heute regelmäßig, und ich spiele zusammen mit anderen Menschen. Ich bin sehr dankbar mir ggü das ich das entwickelt habe für mich.
    Danke für den Beitrag.
    Ich sag immer All-Ein- Sein – es bedeutet für mich mehr mit dem Universum verbunden zu sein, deshalb ist alleine sein nicht schlecht und wichtig, egal ob als Partner oder Single.

  7. Thanks so much for this
    I feel different now…..I can actually feel good been alone.

  8. When we’re in a loving relationship, we accept and love that person unconditionally. We should strive to have that same loving kind relationship with ourselves. We don’t mind spending time with a person we truly love, and loving yourself that much makes it easier, and actually enjoyable, to spend time alone with yourself. I think that what I’m trying to say is, cultivate a loving relationship with yourself, then being alone will be easier.

    1. I know it’s weird to ask this but how do I love myself? @ADELE I feel like it’s much easier to love others than yourself, bcs it’s simpler to see worth in other people but not yourself. I’m in this sad phase where I try to find my worth but it’s hard because I have have nothing good to tell myself…….. I’d like to hear your opinion on that, or from anybody who has an opinion. ♥️

  9. Needed this today! It’s my birthday and my boyfriend decided to take a solo trip alone for himself to Miami Beach. So… I’m taking my boys to an Airbnb staycation! And he will now be my ex! 🙂

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