How to change your mindset and attitude

I love talking about mindset because it can make such a huge difference to everyone’s life!

Some people think that being negative it’s part of their personality and they can’t change it. This is so wrong! Anyone can change their mindset. Practicing focusing on the positive aspects isn’t easy and is usually uncomfortable. But it’s worthwhile and it’s possible with practice. Your mindset and the way you perceive things is your lens to see the world. Every thought we have trains our brain to see what we tell it to.

So, now let’s look at how to change your mindset and attitude:


As cheesy as they can be, affirmations can be really helpful for creating a more positive mindset and change your outlook on the world and ultimately, yourself. They will help you change the negative thought patterns that your mind naturally turns to. Think about where the negativity is and see if you can ‘flip’ it into a positive statement and just keep saying it to yourself.


Of course, I had to include it because it’s such a powerful practice. Is about appreciating all the positive things in your life and is so helpful in gaining some perspective especially when you’re feeling a bit negative. It can really shift your mood and mind to focus only on the good. You start realizing all the amazing things you already have in your life and the more you notice those things, the more positive you become.

💪Be open to change

Embrace new challenges! Instead of thinking and worrying about the bad things that can happen, make a list of positive things that could happen as a result. Don’t fear change. Change can also bring amazing things into your life, too. Be open to all the opportunities.  And remember that we don’t grow when we’re comfortable.

👄Change the way you talk to yourself

My tip for you is to talk to yourself the way you’d talk to a friend. Self-criticism is so bad for your mental health. I know that it might be difficult to change those negative self-talk patterns. So, try to be mindful, observe your thoughts and feelings, without judgment. Recognize that it’s just a thought, not a fact. Becoming aware of your thoughts is the first step to change your mindset.

🎉Celebrate the little things

I’m a believer that there is always something to get excited aboutIt just takes some practice learning to look for it. You can get excited about the beautiful sunny day, your amazing breakfast, laying on fresh clean sheets, someone’s smile… The world can feel heavy and loud sometimes, but you don’t have to stay in the noise. Celebrate every day and every moment. Get excited about the good things!

✨Be passionate

Embrace the things you love. It’s so important to be an enthusiast in life. If you’re interested in something, do it! Go at its full speed. Embrace it, hug it, love it, and become passionate about it. Life is so much enjoyable when you really focus on what excites you. Loving something so fully is an experience like none other, and it’s worth pursuing.

🏃Acknowledge your weaknesses as well as your strengths

When you know your strengths and weaknesses, you are being self-aware. You allow yourself the opportunity to develop strategies to improve or work around your main weaknesses. And knowing what your strengths are, you can look for ways and opportunities to use those abilities and qualities to build on and develop those strengths.

🧘Meditate daily

Practice helps you to cultivate awareness in every moment of your life. This will help you to tone down the thoughts and the overthinking. Meditation lowers your stress and can help you to be more positive. Meditating every day can have a huge positive impact on your mood and body.

👨‍❤️‍👨Surround yourself with positive people and things

Unfollow people who don’t inspire you or make you insecure about yourself. Cut out toxic people from your life. Stop running after people who only drain your energy. Surround yourself only with good and positive things and people. There are always things that you think about too much. Most of the time situations that are from the past and that you can’t change anything about. Leave them behind and look forward. This will make the biggest difference in your life.

Life is too short to live with bad thoughts. You control your life, your mindset, and attitude, you are in charge of a mindset change. Your future depends on it.

Do you have any other tips to change your mindset and attitude? Share them in the comments section 😊

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  1. This is so refreshing ❤ love it 💕 this app is bringing out my best self 👏

    1. Thank you for the support ❤️

      1. Thank you for great advices. 🥰

        1. Much needed to read such article.

      2. This app has been great. Very easy to use and love love the help out has gave me.

        1. Reading this articles will change, I guess so 😆👍

          1. Vuyo Shadrack Mavovo Sijentu says:

            What a great article to read and it’s interesting to me and I’m looking forward to changes it’s about to bring to my mind set.

    2. I’m struggling with fentanyl which is a very toxic habit I have to stop completely February 3rd because I have 12 months of probation I’ve gone from a gram and a half to a 10th every two days I am struggling during the time of this happening I also am breaking off a two decade toxic relationship I feel so physically and mentally exhausted that I don’t even have to take anything to sleep anymore it’s crazy my body just shuts down now I don’t know how to stop this crazy toxic relationship people ask me why I’m in it after two decades of hell I can’t answer it I know I was in love with him but I don’t know why I can’t figure out why I can’t leave cuz I also don’t want to be around them either I don’t want him calling me either but this seems like it might help I’m excited to try this and any advice I will accept thank you

  2. Andrés Mauricio says: Reply

    Gracias por tanta valioso aporte, digo de ser puesto en práctica. Bless

  3. Early morning exercise, would help reinforce a mindset of having concluded a task for the day especially if you are a night owl as opposed to a morning bird.

    Having rituals you execute also helps reinforce a positive mindset, you know like small routines you’d do on a regular basis just to develop a sense of control over your life.

    1. So true! Thanks for sharing your tips ❤️

  4. Such a good read and I find reading a good book also helps shapes how you think. You set your mind right

    1. Yes, reading is so important too! 😊

      1. I am so happy as actually I do that all ❤️❤️

  5. Frederick Sharon says: Reply

    This is beautifully written, thank you dear writer 💓

    1. Thank you for reading it ❤️

      1. I am trying so hard to let this help me but I am so overwhelmed in my own home! I am having such a hard time making it what I want it to be…it’s like my zest for life has been scattered to the winds 🥺

    2. Hermoso, muchas gracias. 👌💕

  6. I really love this app! It is easy to follow recomendations and make the daily task. It really help me to change myself. It is a little change every day, but it is meaningfull in summary.

  7. 👌🏽 Great article, thanks

    1. Thanks for reading it! 😊

  8. Ms Wendy J Hughes says: Reply

    A reminder of what I have learnt… great. 😊 Being reminded helps because sometimes we slip and get complacent. Routine practice is necessary to succeed successfully.

    1. I totally agree with you 😊

  9. I was in a bad mood some minutes ago and I decided to check out the positive affirmations for today then this Blog post popped up🥺
    Thanks a real lot for making me feel better❤️

  10. Yasmien malinao says: Reply

    Uhm I don’t know how to speak English,I’m not fluent but I’ll try hehe
    Yea this is Good! It inspired me to be more positive! All in my life all I want is to be HAPPY! This app is so amazing,I always got a notification but I just ignore it . And these past few days Il I got a new notification again from this app and it caught my attention cuz it has a quote ✨
    And Everytime I woke up in the morning I feel excite for what quote these app will give me ehehe!
    And I decided to open this app and this is what I saw! This is so helpful I never regret that I download this app!
    Y’all are so Amazing u gave me motivation! And I’m so excited to do these everyday !
    I have Social Anxiety, Insecurities,
    I’m depressed, I have a lots of problem,and I also hate myself for who I am, hopeless, feeling worthless and useless.
    I feel so bad for myself now!
    And believe me this is so helpful 😎
    Thank you so much to the one who made this app and to all of u ehehe
    My English is so so bad!!😂😎

  11. Thank you so much for this post and the App. You’re so true when you write! Thanks again. I would love to read more from you. Thanks for all you do!

  12. Thank you for having my back💕

  13. Hey, I just downloaded the app not long ago, and also have found it to be helpful for my issues (all the same as yours and more!). I just want to say, I have no idea what language you speak natively, but your English is incredibly good!!! You are so hard on yourself but your English is better than other Americans I know who have been raised speaking english 🤣 I just had to let you know that. Enjoy your life and be well. 💕

  14. Thank you for this, I got some upsetting news recently and it’s really bumbed out my mood ever since but this made me realise its not all bad and everything takes time. Patience is 1 of the keys!

  15. This is really amazing ❤️

  16. Sejal Upadhyay says: Reply

    The way you explained is amazing and it’s really helpful too I’m gonna apply them and let’s see the results , hoping for the best 🤞

  17. Great reminder !💗 . Thank-you ✨💞

  18. This app is so helpful and refreshing..🥳 I completely love it. Abd thanks for creating this app!!

  19. Don’t forget to give yourself the same understanding, compassion and forgiveness that you extend to others ..

  20. You dig in that right

  21. Thanks for this post. I want to be better than I am and I know its not about reading but applying what I’ve read. Thank you!

  22. I thank you for sharing your advice with us.

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