How to step out of your comfort zone

You will never truly be able to grow as a person and improve your life if you don’t step out of your comfort zone and try new things. We need changes and new experiences to grow. You have to put yourself out there.

Feeling nervous and overwhelmed about leaving your comfort zone is normal. It’s called your comfort zone for a reason. We like to do only those things that are comfortable for us.  We don’t like to delve into the unknown. But there are so many benefits that come with challenging yourself!

So today I thought about sharing some tips with you:

🌟 Write down your goals

The first thing you need to do is to think about what you want to accomplish and why. This will give you more clarity of your dreams and goals and the motivation to actually do it.

🌟 Take baby steps

The key to stepping outside your comfort zone is to approach it in baby steps. You can apply this to any skill or activity that you want to do that is uncomfortable for you. With each small success, you will gain confidence.  And soon, you will be doing the very thing you feared with ease.

🌟 Expand your interests

Going outside your comfort zone should involve expanding your current interests in ways that you wouldn’t normally. And I’m not saying to start doing something you hate.  That is a waste of time.  Instead, take something that you love doing to the next level or try something new.  Not only will your skills improve, but you’ll end up developing new passions and skills in something that truly interests you.

🌟 Change your routines

Switch up small things in your routine to allow you to get out of your comfort zone. Things like waking up earlier, go for a walk in a different area, trying a new dink or restaurant. Little changes in your routines will help you step out of your comfort zone.

🌟 Keep track of your progress

Keep a record of everything you are trying in a notebook. This is important so that you can look back at what you have done and motivate you to keep doing it!

🌟 Change your environment

Put yourself in a new environment, change your space occasionally. And I’m not just talking about a physical space, I’m talking about a job, restaurants, anything you’re used to. For example, we may keep the same job, even if it isn’t satisfying.  Perhaps we go to the same place each year for vacation, and we might eat at the same type of restaurant and drink the same beverage. We worry that any new experience might be a disaster! But try to change things up and work and fight for what you really want to achieve or try.

🌟 Say “yes” more often

We tend to say no to different opportunities and miss out on them because we’re scared to leave our comfort zone. But you need to start saying yes more often so that you will be able to grow and take risks.

It can be challenging to escape your comfort zone, but it is doable. These are just tips that I share, but nothing will happen if you don’t take the risk and start working on yourself. And I promise that once you do, it’s SO worth it!

Are you ready to start challenging yourself?




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