Overcome your self-worth issues

You find it hard to love and accept yourself as you are? You feel like you’re not good enough? You’re constantly looking at where you’ve done wrong?  So, it’s time to stand up for yourself, to yourself.

Self-acceptance and self-worth are about truly understanding and believing how valued you are as a human being. Accepting every part of you and being proud of it. Knowing that what you have to say, matters. That what you have to give to this world, matters. Understanding that things will go wrong, you will do things you aren’t proud of, but that doesn’t take away from your worth.

Life, in general, is just harder when you are insecure. Relationships are difficult because you’re constantly worried about what others think of you. Social anxiety, people-pleasing, depression, perfectionism, lacking confidence and more, are some of the bad effects of people with a lack of self-worth.

Here are some of the things you can start doing to accepting your value :

✨Accepting compliments

One good indicator of how much you truly accept who you are is accepting compliments. And people usually tended to shy away from it. Say thank you when someone compliments you, instead of distributing the compliment elsewhere. Believe their words.

✨Understand your insecurities

Why are you insecure about that? That understanding helps you to realize it takes way more energy to be insecure about those things than to just let them go. And let me tell you, your insecurities are usually parts of you that no one really notices.

✨Be proud of your accomplishments

Be proud of your progress each day, you should be your biggest fan! Finding each and every accomplishment within your life and being proud of yourself is huge!

✨Know yourself

What are your strengths and weaknesses? Your fears? Your dreams? What are you good at? Ask yourself all the questions. Write down a list with the answers and take note of the good and the bad and make peace with who you are right now. Surely you’ve got some good qualities, and some bad ones too. But hey? You’re human!

✨Have compassion with yourself

Be kind to yourself, always. Don’t say anything to yourself you wouldn’t say to someone else. When you start beating yourself up make a conscious effort to stop and move on.

✨Stop neglecting your self-care

We tend to neglect our self-care when we lack self-worth. Feed your body with all the nutrients, exercise, rest, wear something you enjoy, style your hair, take care of yourself. These simple actions are powerful subconscious reminders that you’re worth taking care of.

To finish this post, I saw a quote on Pinterest and I decided to share it with you:

 “The only one who gets to decide your worth is you. It doesn’t come from your bank account or the number of friends you have. It doesn’t come from what someone else says you are worth. It’s called self-worth for a reason, it comes from you. It comes from being yourself and being proud of who you are. It comes from being someone that you can count on and someone you love. The numbers will change with time, but what won’t change is who you are deep inside— beautiful, limitless, wonderful, creative, strong, capable— and that is where your worth comes from.”

See you next time 😊

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  1. I love this post! This is just what I needed to start my day on a good note! Thank you!

    1. Amazing.

    2. Kimberly Makela says: Reply

      I loved this post so much!! I really needed it today and will read this often as a reminder each and every day I am worth so much more than I often feel.

      1. Nice to read this at the end of the day.
        Thank you.

    3. Mahnoor Sakhawat says: Reply

      Thanks for this amazing post.

      1. I absolutely love this post. I really needed to hear this and receive these reminders. Thank you so much. You don’t understand. 🤍

      2. Love yourself

    4. Thank you so much, you have already brightened up my day and the rest of my life.

    5. This is really amazing and inspiring. I feel some kind of change in myself. Thank you!!

  2. Thankyou. I was just having trouble with my self-worth. Then this post came up. ☺

    1. Me too ☺️

      1. Thank you for this post, it hits home!

      2. I really needed this. Thank you so much.

  3. Thanks for your efforts it’s really matter to me

    1. Thanx for this post. Glad i read before my day starts. Have a nice day to y 😘

  4. Thank you.

    1. Shaky srivastava says: Reply

      After long time I m very hopeless but this thought’s give me some shine .thank u

  5. it’s so cool thank you so much

    1. Love you for this post ❤️

  6. Great post! Made me actually feel better (Been having a rough couple of days) Learning to love myself each & everyday! ❤🥰

    1. You are gifted! Thankyou for sharing this.

    2. I love this blog. Today I started acknowledging my worth and accepting my good and bad and WEIRD (LOL) qualities and I’m continuing with discovering all aspects of myself and building on my good and accepting and turning the bad into useful qualities instead of self destructing ones 🥰 I can honestly say I’m loving myself more and more each day.

    3. Thank you so much for this post🥰✨💙

  7. I really needed this right now. I doubt myself everyday. I doubt everyone I meet, I think everyone is good in their hearts but sometimes the ba takes the scale. I thin everybody needs to take care better of themselves and be happy for what we got. If you can read this yore richer than many many people. Even if you are alone.

  8. I like the Post, but please explain how to overcome insecurity and how to stop comparing myself with others.

  9. I appreciate this post. It’s very helpful.

  10. Really inspiring, thanks for your write up Kati.

  11. I really needed it to I been hating myself for trying to push away someone special that I really love

  12. This post just change my mood, my life perspective and my well being ❤️. Thank you!

  13. Thank you for the post
    You bright my day

  14. I needed to read this today. After dating another horrible person I was questioning myself and beating myself up. This posts reminds me of why I know I am worthy. We must not allow others behaviours to cause us questioning ourselves.

  15. Thanks

    1. I just can’t leave this page after reading the post. Very much valuable and useful to me.
      thank you very much!

  16. What an excellent way to explain grievances

  17. I loved this post.
    Thanks a lot

  18. Powerful,inspiring, motivating and so true. If we can have more content of this nature floating on social media and platform like this…and be read out on different radio stations on daily basis… not the negative propaganda spread on daily basis..our country and young people’s perception about life can change. .Thanks a million….

  19. This post has just come just in time. We need to love ourselves first.

  20. Thanks for this post. Very recently, I was discussing and thinking about my insecurities and the things we do to please others. And I wanted to improve my self worth. The timing of this post was spot on and it literally brought tears to my eyes..

  21. This app and these blogs are really awesome both anesthetic wise and also content wise… More creativity more productiveness. This is the first blog post I read it fully. Loving it…

  22. Became my morning motivation. Thank you!

  23. Right on time. We must value ourself and find our worth and live

    1. Thank you for this post, it really hits home!

  24. I really needed this… Thank You!

  25. Thank you so much for lovely and simply amazing post🎉❤️👌

  26. Thank you so much for this post ✨

  27. Really a good message and it is good beginning to start a day . Thank you 😊

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