Tips for saving money

Everyone wants to save money, right?

Well, saving money is easier said than done.  And it’s so easy to take the money out of your pocket, but it takes time to earn it back. In my early twenties, I’ve realized that we’ve spent so much money on things that we “want” or we “think” we need instead of spending it on the things that really matter.

Whether you are just trying to save more money in general or you want to save for a certain purchase or goal, in this post I’m sharing with you some practical ways for that:

🎯 Set a goal

You could be saving for college, for your first car or house. Saving money is easier when there’s an end goal in mind.  Your focus and drive can be strong if you know very well why you started saving.

✔️ Make a list and create a budget

Get organized. A budget is vital to keep track of your spending, so you know where your money goes before you even spend it. A budget allows you to identify areas where you can cut back so you can maximize your savings. Don’t forget to create lists too. When you go to the groceries, or shopping in general bring a list with you so you don’t end up getting anything else.

🍲 Make your meals at home

Making your meals at home it’s so beneficial for your wallet and for your health. At the very least, try to cut down to eating out once per week. And instead of ordering drinks or your morning coffee, try to make them at home. Drinks can be very expensive.

My other tip for you is to always bring snacks with you so you don’t cave into the temptation of buying something to eat.

🏪 Don’t go to the store with an empty stomach

Shopping when you are hungry is a big mistake because you end up buying everything. This can bust your budget and ruin your plans to not spend money.

🧹 De-clutter, donate and sell

Instead of throwing away things that you no longer use, consider donate or sell them. You can post the items you want to sell on eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and Poshmark for example.

🎁 Try DIY gifts

Making your own gifts allows you to save more money and are way more interesting and sentimental because they have a more personalized touch. There are plenty of ideas on Pinterest for example.

💸 Stick to cash

Trust me, cash is one of the best saving money tips. Because you see how your money disappears. When you pay everything with a card, sometimes you forget that the money keeps coming out of the account.

🙅‍♂️ Choose a no-spend day 

A no-spend day is one where you basically don’t spend any money. You will be surprised how you spend so much money daily, and sometimes it’s on unnecessary stuff that we really didn’t care about or truly needed. It’s a chance for us to see what we ended up saving.

💰 Open a savings account

With a savings account, you will be able to have complete control over your money in an instant. This will help you avoid unhealthy spending issues once you start increasing your income.

Do you have any other saving money tips? Please share in the comments, I’d love to hear from you 🙂

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  1. Very good. Thank you

  2. Great tips thanks

  3. Loved it!!
    Thanks a lot.

    1. Yo lo que hice fue elegir un tipo de moneda (elegí 5cent) y cada vez que cae una en mis manos la guardo en un frasco, sin contar nunca lo que hay, eliges una fecha para abrirlo (yo escogí el de mi cumpleaños). Al abrirlo, te encuentras con un montón de dinero con el que no contabas. El hecho de que sean Monedas hacen que visualmente parezca mucho.
      Ls sensación de alegría te anima a empezar con otro frasco. Es tu propio regalo de cumpleaños y, cuando los demás lo ven, se animan a hacerlo tambien.

      1. Eran 50 cents, no 5. Eso es importante!

  4. An eye opener,great information

  5. Thsnks, I have some ideas to share:
    1- washable diapers instead of disposable diapers.
    2- buy the generic brand in stores.
    3- make your own cleaning products.
    4- wait for a few days before buying things, time wilĺ help us to know if we really need an item or not.

  6. Amazing very helpful

  7. Muy buenos tips, yo algunos ya los hago y es realmente efectivo, es increíble cuánto gastamos sin necesidad 🤕 en lo que mas se gasta es en comida 😁

  8. Coins you find put in a piggybank. You will be amazed on the end of the year.
    For big things make a research, sometimes you may find same article under same condition but for much less money

    1. This is a very good idea… I do this and trust me, I am surprised when I check back at how much they come to.

  9. Great ideas to do…! Thanks…!

  10. Instead of using a saving account invest the money into ETF shares, you will get more for your money than in savings accounts, start young

  11. Excellent ideas, thanks! I also do things like making my own multi purpose cleaner using only lemon peels and vinegar, saving veggie scraps and peels to make stock and knitting my own dish wash cloths from natural twine. 😊

  12. Ritesh Ahire says: Reply

    Perfectly written .i will definitely follow in my life .Can I know your name and city.

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