Toxic Habits to Quit

A toxic habit is something you do that is potentially damaging your mental or physical health. And most of the time, we don’t realize that we might be practicing toxic habits daily.

Although there are hundreds of toxic habits to quit, in today’s post, I am going to share with you a few bad habits that I’ve already experienced. And if you’re practicing any of these habits right now, I encourage you to get rid of them because you deserve to live your best life!

🚫 Negative self-talk

Negative self-talk is a HUGE toxic habit, and you will never be completely happy. A habit to replace negative self-talk is trying positive affirmations. So when you feel it begin to creep into your internal dialogue, remember yourself all the good things you’re capable of.

🚫 Being a pessimist and not believing in yourself

Always expecting the worst scenario it’s a negative attitude. Force yourself to see the positive in everything, tell yourself that things will work out and you can do anything.

If you continuously tell yourself you can’t do something, chances are you won’t. Changing your mindset can be a total game-changer.

🚫 Comparing yourself

This is such a toxic habit that affects our confidence! Please do not compare yourself to others, it’s a waste of time! Instead of letting comparison bring you down, try to accept your own circumstances, or push yourself to work toward the things that you want.

🚫 Not investing in your health

Find time to invest in your health every day! Move your body, drink enough water, take time for self-care, do what you love, get a solid schedule for sleeping, don’t skip meals, fuel your body with rich foods.

🚫 Checking your phone as soon as you wake up

Checking your phone as soon as you wake up is a terrible start to the day. Try to implement new better habits in your morning, do something relaxing that you enjoy instead of scrolling on your phone.

🚫 Focusing on things you can’t control/worry too much

Only focus on the things you actually can control, in your habits, emotions, things you do. There is no point in spending energy and time on things that you can’t control.

Worry doesn’t change the outcome of a situation. It wastes your time and messes up your emotions. When you’re feeling worried about everything, try to write-downs whatever you’re feeling. Then, force yourself to something you like to focus on something else.

🚫 Being unorganized

Find a healthy balance and organize your life. You’ll feel more productive and happy!

🚫 Not being grateful

Instead of focusing on what you don’t have and what you want, focus on what you have right now. Be grateful for the smallest things in life.

🚫 Seeking validation from others

This is a bad habit that you have to definitely give up. You have to do what it’s best for you. Seeking approval from someone in some cases where you want their opinions is okay but to constantly seek validation from them is bad. It will only leave you with a doubting mindset if what you put out there is not met with the expectations you have from it.

🚫 Procrastination

Procrastination is a bad habit that needs to go. Complete your tasks that you’ve been trying to put off first, the most difficult ones. And then, reward yourself when all your chores are completed!

What toxic habits are you trying to cut out? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

45 Replies to “Toxic Habits to Quit”

  1. Debbie Venton says: Reply

    I have been trying for a very long time now to stop procrastinating, wanting to exercise and eat well.

    I had an accident in 2017 that came back to haunt me in 2019. I had a complete memory loss and couldn’t walk or talk anymore. I had to relearn everything.
    My back is hurting alot, I have multiple little hurnias and I have been so scared to exercise in case I hurt my back again.

    It’s almost as if I won’t let myself live a normal life since then. I love the list above and will do my best to stop procrastinating, that will be my 30 day challenge to begin with!

    1. Letting go of people and things I cannot change and acceptance

      1. I’m working on this too my fear of being lonely has left me in unhealthy relationships I always settle for less and drive people to treat me way less than I deserve

        1. Jennifer Cunningham says: Reply

          Totally and completely relate!!! I invest and obsess over a man that broke up with me a month ago, constantly selling his validating, acceptance, attention, affection. In return I receive dry texts that leave me utterly disappointed, sad, etc. This challenge is the first day I work towards a new mindset and I’m so excited.

    2. Good luck Debbie. I hope that you’ll get better🙏🙂

      1. well, trying to work on procrastination, which is tied to being unorganized. Im someone who thrives on organization and gets easily frustrated when I’m unorganized, so ..
        I need to stop procrastinating about organizing first, instead of waiting till i need and can’t find anything. Yup, maybe today..😁 maybe

    3. I hope you do, sending you love ❤️

      1. I’m bad about procrastinating. Golly, I’ve been this way all my life. It’s way overdue to work on this. So that’s my goal. That & staying organized. I have boxes of paperwork I need to go thru & have been putting it off for months now. I’m 63 & have several health issues so I will work on this a little at a time. Thank you

    4. I was in two accidents within a year car and slip and fall down a flight of stairs. They told me I was not gonna walk for while but with will power and faith. I was walking still walking. My ankle, shoulder knees and hips were messed up. I have a hernia disc in my back and the middle part of my neck is fused. On top of torn acl an osteopetrosiss. I stay in pain. Tried everything until I started going to a Chiropractor twice a week to get my body adjusted. It works you have to keep works. Not physical therapy don’t work. Cortisone shots work for the pain for a little while. I can get off the floor body it standing straight no pain. I found a good one. Trust it works it is is scary at first until you get used to it. No pain

    5. Hi angie,
      I have a solution for one thing – not checking phone as soon as you wake up!!! I hope it may work for u!!! First thing u have to do is night time when you go to bed for sleep, keep your mob far away from u!! Second thing you can do is once you get follow your morning routine. For eg – once u wake up, fresh up yourself, go for a walk or joggin or any kind of exercise, yoga or meditation, bath, have breakfast !!! Keep engaged yourself in some work in order to stay away from your mobile!!! The most important thing is start from your MINDSET saying yes I can do this!!! Earlier I too used to check my phone as soon as I wake up, now it’s almost been more than 2yrs I use my phone after finishing all my work @11 am!!! I hope this may be helpful to you!!!
      I’m so grateful for this 21day challenge app!!! Loving this app ❤

      1. Sincerely, I really love this one. I hope I can do that by not checking my phone till 11am in the morning. And if I need to do that, it would be something that is extremely important. Thanks for this tip. I would surely put it into practice. May God help me.

    6. I’m so proud you’re trying to achieve that goal, and wish you all the best for your health ♡ Thanks for sharing your story with us, I know it mustn’t be easy for you right now. Stay safe, you can do it!

      1. I can identify with something just about everyone on of them. I been praying about getting back to a good habit forming routine so I can feel better. And its my time to move. Allowing them to overshadow your life holds you bck from enjoying your life. So it’s time to burst out and live the life God has design for me.

    7. Procrastination
      Seeking validation from others
      Being unorganised
      Not investing in yourself

    8. Hi Debbie,
      I’m sooo sorry those things happened to you. I too need to work on LOVING Myself, and I understand how you feel when you say its like you won’t allow yourself to be happy. I just wanted to encourage you to not give up. EVEN of you have a setback, or forget to love yourself one day, don’t allow yourself to be discouraged and totally give up. Just start fresh the next day, because every day is a new day!

    9. I’m sending you love ❤ and wish you all the best in your life ❤

    10. Thanks for sharing your determination to get your life back!

    11. Just had major surgery myself and I’m also going to take the 30 day challenge with the steps above.

      Thank you for sharing your personal story. Its has really inspired me

      Best of luck

    12. All the best for you! Good luck, you can do it!

    13. I just love your blog 💕💛 Thanks 😊

    14. Lewis Chishimba says: Reply

      Self doubt and get rid of people with negative energy

    15. Trying to not always waking up and check my phone and also try not to depend on other people for hapiness

    16. Fatima Gull says: Reply

      Hi love you are so strong to have won all this 💖 I would like to suggest about the excercise part that you can also just walk, slow mindful walk in a park and just enjoy all the pretty things in the moment – the fresh air, trees, your breathing, little things, anything, that you notice on the path. That is exercise too💜 that is something I want to do 💞

      1. One thing I like about this blog site is that people are kind to each other. I really appreciate that. I’ve had some rough weather lately, and am feeling betrayed and abandoned by people I treated as friends.
        Then the vicious cycle of self doubt starts up, and I want to isolate. It helps me to keep faith that there Are good and kind people in this world to see that even strangers extend themselves to uplift and empathize here.
        I hope that you are well, and that the love you extend flows towards you as well.

    17. Wow thank you so much.

  2. Your blog is true and heartwarming. Thank you for sharing a simple mind health reminder with the world. They might sound simple but are hidden gems of acting upon.

    Today I’ll start for a first time this app and its 21 days. It stood hanging on this device for a very long time. Mainly because the time space position of this very gadget is not constituently normal by physics…don’t do well with this timespace thing therefore this is a good challenge. I’ll be back here in exactly 21 days with the real life update. Keeping thus, time calendar span!

    That should be 21st of June from a Shelbourne place with a bee art successfully translated into market & its world, at least.
    With love,

  3. Joseph Morgan says: Reply

    You’re extremely brave. You’ve lived and pushed through an extreme experience. Bravo! Hats off to you Debbie. I say that in all sincerity. Sending positive vibes your way to keep striving forward ✨💫⚡

  4. STEPHANIE HUART says: Reply

    Thank you for this post. There are all small little changes that make a huge diference. Super to remind it sometimes.
    I’ll keep doing my best everyday to grow up in mindfullness. I’m happy and so gratefull with my family and my life. Share the love and spend time together is the most important to me.

  5. I have serious battles with negative thoughts every minute of each day, and it took me far too long to realise it’s where my low self confidence comes from. So now I’m working on myself and my thoughts. Thanks for this eye opening post! I really love your posts by the way😊

  6. Being unorganized and worry too much.

  7. I started suffering from anxiety and depression after I stopped breastfeeding last September. I bf for 3 yrs! My battle become a nightmare with intrusive thoughts and feeling hopeless. I’m getting better thanks to my Lord, family, friends and my wonderful doctors and counselor.
    This app is very helpful to me. Thank you!
    (I have most of the do nots on this list.🤦‍♀️, but I’m working on changing!🙏)

  8. There are 2 things that have been too difficult to deal with: not checking my phone as soon as I wake up, and procrastination. Have you got any ideas on how to change those horrible habits?

  9. Neelam Tiwari says: Reply

    How to cope up with anger & comparison with others life. I’ve lived my life without parents. I get frustrated when I’m in need for them in my difficult situations. I feel helplessness kindly post some positive note regarding this which can clean my mind & I can replace it with positive thoughts.

    1. Diana Castaneda Panuco says: Reply

      Hi Neelam,
      I am no expert what helps me is reading books about what bothers me, what I need help in, what troubles me. Perhaps talking to a pastor can help or perhaps finding an affordable psychologist.

  10. Excellent article!!
    You have posted that I was seeking for last one week..

    My emotions had messed up and they didn’t allow me to move towards to inner me..

    Now, I get some positive notes through u..

    Thank you🙏

  11. Kartik Sharma says: Reply

    Your information is really good ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Best

      1. I appreciate all this…
        Leme fix my sleep 🌝 🌚🌙

  12. Lotin daniel says: Reply

    If we have our meditation app on our phone and , when we wake up , we use this application, to meditate , how are we supposed to do, because to say it’s not a good habit , to manipulate, our phone when we wake up, thank you

  13. I will work on my procrastination of organizing my home by allocating 30 mins a day to the task. If I feel like going for more time then I will but I just need to get in the habit of being consistent again. Delo

    1. The whole checking your phone thing is all about the following: checking emails, reading the news, social media…etc. I pick up my phone first thing because I do not have a clock in my room. I, then, would read Bible scriptures (this is my “quiet time” with God). I usually don’t look at emails or messages until later. Hope this helps.

  14. I will try change!

  15. Seeking validation from others.
    I need ways to be satisfied with what i give to myself?
    Is there any tips?

    P.s: Though am working on some exercises i think it needs time

  16. Bonjour votre blog est vraiment très intéressant depuis que j’ai découvert cela a positivement changé ma vie
    Il y a par contre une mauvaise habitude que je n’arrive pas à me débarrasser c’est la désorganisation ma vie est vraiment désorganisée

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