Break the Procrastination Habit

Is procrastination holding you back from taking action on your dream life?

We all procrastinate for various reasons but when we boil it down it’s usually because the task we want to accomplish feels too heavy or overwhelming.

What is procrastination?

Procrastination is the intentional avoidance of doing tasks that needs to be accomplished, to avoid the stress and anxiety associated with them. As a deadline grows closer, our stress increases and we procrastinate even more to avoid the stress.  It’s a vicious cycle.

How do we stop procrastination?

I’m going to provide you a list of simple tips that helpfully will help you minimize procrastination:

📝 Making to-do lists to help you organize your thoughts;

✔️ Start each list with the most important task;

Find out why you are procrastinating:

Once you think you have found the reason, get a piece of paper and write ‘I am not doing this because of…’ followed by an explanation. This will make sure you identify the reason fully and it will help to make it clear. Then, write down ‘I need to do this because…’ followed by the reason you are trying to do the task in the first place.

🎌 Identify if the task actually needs to be done:

Ask yourself: “What are the downsides of not completing that task?”

🎯 Break large projects into smaller and more easily achievable goals.

📅 Set goals and schedules: 

Knowing what needs to be done and when you need to do it, is fundamental.

🛑 Avoid perfectionism:

Once you overcome perfectionism you will realize that something you have been avoiding is actually much easier than you thought, because you thought it would be difficult or impossible.

I really recommend you the book “The Power of Habit”, it explains how habits are formed and how they influence our life.  By understanding how and why habits are created, we can modify them and create new ones.


I hope this post is helpful to you.  I still have a tendency to procrastinate but am slowly getting better by remembering it is just a habit I can change.

What techniques you usually use to beat procrastination?  Let me know in the comments 😊




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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts 💕
    First of all i do classify my tasks and if the task is urgent and i want to procrastinate it, i just go and start with it as an obligation and i insist on writing down every small achievement i reach by time upon following up the task to motivate myself more.
    I think focusing also on the result we shall reach upon finalizing the task will help us motivate and manage procrastination.

    1. Hi !
      This is how I hack my brain:
      I always have to-do-lists. And when I struggle doing something I just convince myself it’s probably not the right moment to do it, and the right time will come another day, so I choose something else on my list that also needs to be done ! By doing that everytime, I make myself efficient by doing everything else except the number one task. And another day, with a different mood, another task on my list will be easier than the others, and I will still be productive every day !
      I think when you force yourself doing one specific task and it’s not the right moment (of your day or mood), you will spend more time on it. While in the same time you could be so much quicker or more keen to do another thing that also needs to be done!

      1. I am at the beginning of my recovery from procrastinating.. poor coping skills.. anxiety.
        What I USED to do, and don’t know how why or when I stopped, is this:
        When I have a task to do that is a stresser I tell myself IF ITS TO BE.. IT’S UP TO ME! VERY POWERFUL
        I even have a pen with that engraved on it.
        So to practice what I preach.. I need to get busy because… If it’s to be… It’s up to me!! Lol

      2. I have exam in like 2days and I was procrastinating all day.. I’ll try these

  2. One tip for stopping procrastination is rewarding ourself with something that helps us to finish the work with ease!!! For eg – if I want to wash clothes, I tell myself if I complete this task then I reward myself with a chocolate or ice cream that I love the most !!! Chocolates are just for example!!! U can reward anything to you that you like or you want!!

    1. I actually do the same thing and it actually works .

  3. I am definitely a procrastinating individual and mostly it stems from a variety of emotions ,lack of motivation, and mostly approval seeking .. sometimes my self prep talks work and I can get a grip on my emotions and self analysis and other times I am just not motivation enough for my own good I get complacent..

  4. Shantanu Shukla says: Reply

    One tip for stopping procrastination is to assure you that or believe that only and only you have to do because towards your success you are the one who can work no one work on behalf of you.
    Although it’s hard to overcome from Break the Procrastination Habit. But we can 🔥

  5. Well written, you know right

    Uhmm..the way I get to fight procrastination on things I want to usually by writing them down and priotizing to get the fierce ones done and a place prizes for myself while I do so..
    At the end I just see myself getting over it and enjoying my prize 🤗

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