Get the most of your mornings

There are so many benefits you can gain from developing your own productive morning routine. You’ll feel much more energized and productive throughout the day. You can use your mornings to start new healthy habits, to work, or to have some time for yourself.

Everyone can be a morning person. You just have to find what works for you. You don’t need to wake up at five a.m., run 7 miles, do the laundry, read a book,…all of this before your workday starts. Everybody’s schedule is different and so everyone’s routine will be different too.

So here are my tips to get the most of your mornings:

⏰ Don’t hit snooze:

Whenever the alarm goes off, get up, and stretch your body. Go wash your face and get ready. Lying around in bed can cause you to fall back asleep and sleeping in intervals is not restful. My tip for you is to put your phone away the night before, so in the morning you have to get out of bed to turn the alarm off.

📵 Don’t check your phone:

Checking social media right after you wake up is so unhealthy for our minds. If we don’t check our phones, we can start our day on a more relaxed and fresh note. Instead of worrying about the work emails, articles, notifications, posts, we can focus on our own basic needs first. Whatever that habit is, do it before you check your phone.

🥛 Drink water:

Water should be the first thing you drink in the morning. If you drink some water after you wake up, you’ll start waking your body up and feel ready to start your morning, also it flushes out toxins. My tip for you is to always have a water bottle next to your bed.

🛏️ Make the Bed:

It’s a really obvious tip but it’s a really productive way to start your day (and you won’t be tempted to go back there).

🥞 Eat a healthy breakfast:

A healthy breakfast is so important to start your day! If you eat some donuts right after you wake up you’ll start feeling sluggish and no energy. A healthy meal boosts your energy levels and alertness and provides essential nutrients. You’ll feel so much more clear and productive.

🏃‍♀️ Workout:

You don’t need to do an intense and long workout or run 5 miles. If you always take only 10 minutes from your morning routine to do a little workout, some stretching, or yoga it’s enough! You’ll feel much more energized and good about yourself. And if you can do your workout outside, do it! It’s an excellent way to get some vitamin D and fresh air.

🎶 Listen to music:

Put your favorite playlist on while you’re getting ready to lift up your mood! Sing and dance around your house and have a great time with yourself in the morning.

There are so many benefits you can gain from developing your own productive morning routine. Feel free to take inspiration and develop your own that help you become a better morning person. Also, don’t forget to carry your morning routine into the weekend!

If you do have any other tips, please share them in the comments! Hope you enjoyed and I see you in the next post 😊

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  1. Jayati Mukherjee says: Reply

    I ll try to

  2. Love this blog, and love what you guys are doing 💜

    1. Love so much this app and post
      Your style and energy you share makes me impressed. 🤗😍
      Thank you !

    2. Anne-Marie Bryant says: Reply

      I feel the same way it’s such a useful and beautifully designed app

    3. Thank you so much 😊

      1. Thank’s for the post, i ll try my best

      2. Gardening n watering the plants n making house clean plucking flowers reading books n after that bathing n doing puja

  3. This was overly helpful…

    But it’s the phone part for me,I need to put more effort into it😂

    Thank you ❤️😊

    1. OMG, i feel very well and more motived to get this new habits, thanks for this amazing post❤

    2. Me too, definitely haha
      Thanks for reading it 😊

      1. Me encanta esta app, me motiva a crear nuevos hábitos saludables. 😉

  4. I try to add meditation and gratitude to all you talked about

    1. Good to hear I’m not alone! I have severe adhd so EVERYTHING feels like it has to be done first! Good to see these simple tips written out.
      No to the phone and the snooze button!
      Yes to ” morning pages”. Just writing out 3 pages of whatever is floating around in your head.
      Thank you for this great post!

      1. I completely agree!
        Thanks for reading it 😊

        1. Thank you. Excellent tips. I leave a suggestion: Put a diffuser with an essential oil that you like

      2. Stephanie Lentz Morrison says: Reply

        That is 1st time I’ve heard of this! I love this advice. Do you have any books, blogs, apps etc. Else you’d offer anyone suffering severe depression? God bless 🙏!

  5. This is so good. I do try some in the mornings and whenever I do them I’m so refreshed. But anytime I don’t, I go out lazing all day because I’m full.

    Thanks Katie. I love you your post.

    1. So true, morning routines are so powerful!
      Thanks for reading it! 😊

  6. Waking up early in the morning is a big challenge for me. I usually snooze and sleep. Keeping the phone away from the bed before night is a good idea. But sometimes I wake up and walk all the way to the phone. Switch the alarm off and again sleep. So to get rid of that sleep totally, looking at the messages or posts as you get up will help. In my opinion. As you say looking at the posts and mails before going to bed is bad for sleep. The same technique if we do it in the morning we may get alert.

    1. Suggestions:
      1. Make a decision to make a change. That’s the first step.
      2. Find something you like to do, after you wake up.
      3. Start with just one of the steps suggested, to begin experiencing the change you WANT.
      4. Write an affirmation and stick it up where you can see it when you wake up. Eg: ‘I love getting up early in the morning’.
      Maybe it would help to figure out WHY you want to make a change. The answer to that would be your motivator. What you currently do is operating from a program in your subconscious mind. Change that program with a new one. Good luck.

      1. Thank you so much for all the suggestions! 😊

        1. There is something to your blogs that whenever I get a notification new blog on the post!! It makes me so happy I love to read your blogs ❤ you are adding value to my life in a positive way 💞🤗

  7. Thanks for the motivation! Keep up the good work👍🏻

  8. Me too 🙈😊😊 ❤❤❤

  9. love ur blog 😊❤️

    1. Thank you 🥺❤️

  10. Love ur blog so much, i need it a lot

    1. Thank you so much! ❤️

  11. Your blog is realistic and very helpful , as ur app seriously it has changed in a better’s the need of the hour atleast if we are using mobile and using this app is best possible way to use a mobile

    Thank you so much 🥰

  12. Love your tips … thank you♥️♥️♥️

  13. Excellent blog post and very beautiful and helpful app. I am still struggling and getting consistent to my habits but i keep trying😅.
    Thank you Katie and all the team working with you.
    Love from Paris💙

    1. Yo empecé hoy y me siento súper bien!

  14. Mickey Speaker says: Reply

    Getting over hitting snooze is a hurdle of my. When I do get up early, I enjoy getting in a workout and some extra house work before work. Its a big boost of happiness and confidence rolled up in one simple act of getting up with the alarm.

  15. Listen morning affirmations daily.

  16. Thank you so much for the tips! ❤️☺️

  17. Love the positive ideas you put on your feed. Needed the motivation! Thankyou❤️

  18. Thanks a lot for this. Working on getting into a consistent morning routine.

  19. I so much looooove your app. Thanks katie, for this very motivating post.

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