Productivity apps & tools

There are lots of tools and apps out there that’ll help you be your most productive self. They facilitate your life in so many ways!

In this post, I’m sharing with you some of my favorite time management/productivity tools and apps. These are the ones that work for me and for my job, and I really hope they will start helping you too!

To-do lists


One of my favorite apps for to-do lists is Todoist. Is a daily planning and tracking app. With this app, you can have a clear overview of the most essential trivial tasks. Todoist syncs across all your devices and has integration with Google Calendar, Dropbox,  Amazon Alexa, and other tools.


Google Calendar

With Google Calendar you can manage everything you have coming up to have an overview of all your commitments, appointments, and meetings in one place. Also, this app has integration with other productivity apps, with google maps, contacts, and drive, and all of your calendars are synced to one place.



In my opinion, this is one of the best apps to take notes on on any device.  You can write notes, record audio, brain dump, add images or files. You also can share notebooks with other people.

Habit building

21 Days Challenge – Life-Changing Habits

I could not fail to mention my app for which I am very proud. With this app, you can create life-changing habits (you can use the default ones or create your own) and keep tracking them! And every new month there’s a new challenge that’s chosen by our Instagram followers in our instastories.

Having this app, which displays everything on one screen and sends daily reminders, practically ensures your habits will stick.

Focusing & Distraction Blocking


Freedom will allow you to create blocklists that block you from opening websites and apps so you can be more focused and productive.


Another cute focusing app is the Forest app. When you start a task, set the timer for your designated amount of time. The app will grow a tree for that length of time. If you stop the timer or use your phone, you lose your tree. But when you’re done, your tree is added to your forest



Basically, it’s a note-taking, database, and task management app. With this app, you’re able to create different pages. On these pages you have a wide range of features, you can add covers and icons, add subjects, create spreadsheets and docs. You can create a productivity system that works for you.


I’m a massive fan of Trello. Basically, you have a “Board” (like the main overview of a project). On that board, you add “Cards” (specific tasks), and then within those cards, there are different features and functions. You can drag-and-drop tasks, color code, make separate lists. You can also have group members who are able to update on the status of tasks, add new tasks, create deadlines, set notifications, etc.

Money management 


Mint makes you stay on top of your money so much easier. It puts all your spending and financial accounts in one central place, so you have a clear overview of your spending habits.


Google Drive and Dropbox

With Google Drive and Dropbox, you can have all of our documents and files organized in one place.



If you need help designing a blog post image, Facebook cover, cards, Instagram post, and so many more, Canva is the best tool for that! There are lots of free designs for anything! Highly recommended.

Social Media scheduling


If your work involves social media, then this app is for you. With Hootsuite, you can schedule posts so that you can focus on creating content instead of sharing it. It’s very simple and straightforward.

What tools/apps or tips do you use to help you become more productive?

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  1. Thank you from Indonesia 🌹😊

  2. I like your post! I can’t use anywhere near all but there are a few I’m going to check out soonest. Thanks!

  3. Very helpful. Thank you

    1. Thank you ❤️ I appreciate your help. I intend to make good use of your tips.

  4. Great post. Thanks!! Definitely going to start using some of the apps. Also using 21 day habit which I really like. I’m glad to have the restart feature since my habit building needs reinforcing. It’s a work in progress.

  5. Thanks❤

  6. Thank you so much from 🇵🇭

  7. Thank you for these app suggestions! I feel so confused about where to start and how to make meaningful progress toward my goals, to get on track to live a more meaningful life. I know what it looks like but having trouble figuring out the best methods to get there.
    I downloaded Evernote, already have Todolist, but haven’t used yet. Excited to explore!

  8. I’m so happy I came across your post,especially this one. I have high hopes for a few of these. A mother of 5 who has been diagnosed with adhd, anxiety, depression, ptsd, and more. I really have a hard time focusing and or keeping things in order let alone completing a task let alone an entire project. So I’m excited to look into these apps and see what I can find that works best for me. Thank you for all your hard work!! I appreciate you!

  9. Cierra Nusbaum says: Reply

    Thank you very much for a streamlined list with a brief description and “why” included. I was diagnosed with adult ADHD (hyperactivity specific) about 5 years ago, bit did not have any clue what that really meant until a year ago, right before I turned 40, and as a massively overwhelmed single mother of a 3 1/2 year old with almost 4 years of sobriety under my belt after after almost a lifetime of some sort of substance abuse. The epiphany was huge in helping me understand the why of so many of my struggles but I’ve been endlessly searching for anything that can actually help me function and maybe even succeed in life on a daily basis since then. I’ve tried many apps, but distraction and overwhelm alone make it SO hard to really find something helpful, so long story not so short, thank you for some guidance in choosing some apps that actually help and eliminating the time and anxiety that I just can’t afford in doing it myself! Xoxo

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