Finding Yourself In Your 20s

Your 20s are such a fun time but also a really confusing time. There are a lot of independence and life-changing decisions to be made and you’ll realize that although you may be the same age as your friends, you’ll both be at completely different phases. Some will have already found their career, others are getting married and starting families, and others are still very much into the party scene or studying. What makes your 20s confusing is comparing yourself to others your age. You may constantly feel like you’re stuck in life. Or you didn’t achieve that thing that some other people had. Don’t let comparison make you feel like you’re not where you should be. You’re exactly on the right path, everyone has different timings.

You should love every single moment of this decade. We spend so much of our time wanting to be somewhere else other than where we are. Chances are you’ll miss those times. Being in your 20s can be really awesome. Don’t think for a second that you won’t be nostalgic for this time.

At this age, everything is changing. Day by day. So make the most of it now, before it all changes once again, because, in the near future, all of this will only be memories.

You’ll be vulnerable, you’ll love, you’ll feel, you’ll break, you’ll fall and also get up, you’ll learn, and you’ll laugh out loud and cry alone silently. Sometimes you’ll have many people around you but none at the same time. It’s a rollercoaster.

In your 20s you just need to find a balance between hustle and rest. You don’t need to have a soulmate, a family, a house, your dream job, or other things already figured out. There are no rules, and there are no right timings. These are your “selfish” years. It’s a decade to immerse yourself in every single thing possible so enjoy these years.

Journal. A lot. Journaling allows you to be alone with yourself and your thoughts.

Step out of your comfort zone. Explore. Try new things. It’s normal for us to mature and grow over time. This means a shift in interests. Check in with where you are at this point in your life and determine what new hobbies you may want to try and what activities you may not enjoy anymore.

Be aware of the people around you. At this point in your life, you need to ensure that you are only surrounding yourself with people who will encourage and support you in the goals you have in life. You should also start cutting connections with the ones who might be holding you back.

Build the habit of eating healthy and exercising. Your body will thank you years later.

I know this can be a confusing time, but don’t overthink it. And don’t get carried away about having to figure life out right now. You’re so young to discover those things. We are all just figuring it out along the way. Don’t place unnecessary stress on yourself by believing that you should have everything set in stone.

Just enjoy where you are ❤

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  1. Just need this post… Thankyou so much for making my day❤️🥺😊

  2. Flemming Miyoba says: Reply

    This really beautiful, it has refreshed my soul. Thank you and God be with you always.

    1. That’s really helped me a lot to think differently at this time

      1. Thanks this post share with me that’s actually work on me and enjoy own self
        And you also share me that’s type of post

  3. It really helps! Thanks to the whole the team who work really hard to make us not just smile but having positive mindset in every situation.

  4. I’m never going to stop journaling

  5. You just made my day

  6. Thank you a really needed this all the anxiety in my life comes of me trying pushing everything and at last I can’t do any off them

  7. It is really helpful and thats really true that we are hoalding ourself .

  8. Thank you, really this post was perfect, I feel better with myself.

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