Be Kind to Yourself

Growing up, we were constantly told to be kind to others. To be polite, nice, and accepting. But we try so hard to be kind to others (which we should be) that we forget to be kind to ourselves too.

We tend to be extremely hard on ourselves. We tend to say hurtful words to ourselves in times of suffering and failure. We doubt our self-worth and think that we are not good enough. We are naturally that way. But we all have to learn to change our minds, to be kinder and to be aware of the words we use to talk about ourselves, to be more patient with our growth.

Don’t be so hard on yourself for feeling lost, confused, for haven’t achieved all that you wanted to achieve. Life would be boring if you’d done it all already, right? So be patient with yourself. Don’t expect success overnight.

Everything will be possible and everything will make perfect sense in the future. Every win, every experience, every situation, good or bad, every mistake, everything that happens in your life will get you to where you’re supposed to be. There are no failures, only learning.

And, along the way, remind yourself of how far you’ve come. One day you’ll be able to say “I like who and how I am“, “I deserve to be happy“, “I can do this“, “I am proud of myself”, and you’ll feel amazing.

♡ Fall in love with taking care of yourself without feeling guilty for it.

♡ Be uncomfortable and be okay with it. You will grow to overcome it one day.

♡ Do not look for validation from others, but find validation from yourself. We will always have ourselves, no matter what people or things leave our lives.

♡ Believe in yourself, forget about other think. And don’t stop until you’re proud.

♡ Love yourself as you are and you will find love for who you are to become.

And whenever you feel like your life is upside down, and you feel lost, just give yourself permission to slow down and to do things that fuel your body and soul:

  • Write positive affirmations
  • Write a gratitude list
  • Listen to a good podcast
  • Read a book
  • Pamper yourself
  • Write down your accomplishments
  • Move your body
  • Put on some music and dance around your house
  • Go into nature
  • But more importantly: let yourself feel everything when you need

Just do whatever makes you feel at peace. You need you – so take care of yourself a little more, even when the days are hard.

♡ You do matter. And you always will.

♡ Today and always you are: worthy & accepted, never alone, filled with purpose, known & loved, beautiful, significant.

So – first and foremost – be kind to yourself.

It all starts – inside.

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  1. Omg, this is so perfect. I want to thank who writed this wonderful words to make me feel better today. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    1. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!♡

      1. Wonderful blog.
        So many understanding words and explanations.
        Thank you for sharing

      2. I am inspired

    2. Kati Pereira says: Reply

      Thank you for reading it!! ❤️

    3. I’m so impressed 👏 🙌 ☺

  2. Thank you, very timely…
    Especially for those of us who tend to be caretakers and givers.
    Am seeking to become a person whose life is more balanced… But the habits of a child who was the other parent, and the eldest, can be hard to break.
    Asking for very finite and specific things from friends or family gives them room to say Yes, No, or maybe later but not right now…
    It is respectful of their busy complicated lives.
    To not ever ask, but to constantly give—seems “good” in most people’s view. Christian. Generous. Caring. Etc.
    But it leads to burnout and bitterness and imbalance.
    Some people benefit by asking themselves what they would advise a sister or a friend who was in their position…it is, as you say, hard to be kind to our own well known self.
    But few of us would let our sister or friend or mother struggle on in isolation.
    Thank you for the right words at the right time, once again.. Smile here

    1. Ursula Rastall says: Reply

      Good word LEELEE, I can totally relate to everything you said.

      1. “You do matter. And you always will.”

    2. Kati Pereira says: Reply

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts ❤️
      Baby steps always take you there ❤️

  3. I really enjoyed this. Thank you. We deserve kindness

    1. Kati Pereira says: Reply

      Thank you ❤️

    1. Kati Pereira says: Reply

      Thank you for reading it! ❤️

  4. I needed to hear this, thank you. 🤍

    1. Thanks for this♥️

    2. Kati Pereira says: Reply

      Thanks for reading it ❤️

  5. Ursula Rastall says: Reply

    This article met me at the perfect time. Thank you so much for sharing. It helps all of us to know we are not alone in this struggle, and that gives me peace and strength to remember it’s okay to love and be kind to myself. ❤️

    1. Kati Pereira says: Reply

      It’s so important to love and to be kind to ourselves!
      Happy you enjoyed reading it ❤️

    1. Kati Pereira says: Reply


  6. 🥺❤️Thank you for these word , really glad I came across this.I feel more aware of myself.
    It’s really true we often care about others and forget about ourselves.
    Thanks so much for this

    1. Kati Pereira says: Reply

      Thank you so much for reading it! ❤️

  7. I needed this. Thank you ❤

    1. today I had bad feelings but i decided think of good things and now I feel better, I’m so happy and i wish that best things happen to me and I’ll always be happy and keep smiling
      And i hope that I’ll be better soon❤️

      1. Kati Pereira says: Reply

        Positive thoughts always! Wishing you all the best things and sending you so much love and happiness ❤️

    2. Kati Pereira says: Reply

      Thank you for reading it! ❤️

  8. I love this, today I started my day with the thoughts I’m unstoppable today, I’ll conquer this day and every day after and that’s what I’ll do 💪

    1. Kati Pereira says: Reply

      That’s the mindset!!
      Believe in yourself, push your limits, conquer your goals, and live an unstoppable life! ❤️

  9. Linda Gutierrez says: Reply

    This is a beautiful reminder for us all. Thank you so much for the author.

    1. Kati Pereira says: Reply

      Thank you for reading it ❤️

  10. Thanks so much for this…it’s amazing….I was struggling with this but I feel better and understood through this 😪❤

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