Romantic at-home date night ideas

There are so many great date ideas that you can have at home and spend a lot less money than you would if you go out. You can absolutely have a lovely time in the comfort of your own home. You just might have to get a little bit more creative.  So, in this post I’m going to share some date activities you can share with your loved one:

Make dinner and dessert together 

Cooking a meal together it’s one of the best ways to spend some quality time. Spending time in the kitchen is such a fun way to get to know each other, learn something new and practice a little teamwork to bring you closer.

You can also try to recreate one of your favorite restaurant dishes or try to recreate the meal you ate on your first date.

Enjoy your dinner by candlelight 

Make your cooked dinner even more special by lighting some candles. It’s just a fun way to elevate a meal.

Have a backyard picnic

This is another fun date idea. If it’s warm outside and you have a garden or balcony, set up a little outdoor picnic. Just layout a blanket to sit on, pack all your favorite finger foods, and enjoy the time. Try to schedule it right before the sunset so you can enjoy dinner and a show. If you don’t have an outside space, do it inside! It can be enjoyable too.


Spend a quiet evening together watching the stars. This is such a great date for snuggling, good conversation, and a beautiful view.

Build a fort inside

This is such a fun date idea! Throwdown some pillows, blankets, bring in your favorite treats and your laptop to watch some movies or just some board games.

Karaoke or dance party

Put your favorite songs and do a karaoke session! Or turn your house into a dance club, turn on the music (not that loud if you have close neighbors), create some fun cocktails, and dance around!

Breakfast in bed

Who doesn’t love breakfast in bed? This is a really simple yet romantic date idea. Make some pancakes or waffles, eggs, a bowl of fruit, or your favorite breakfast foods, and head back to bed.

Create a bucket list

You can create one bucket list to capture everything you would like to do together or specific bucket lists. For example, you could create a list of things you’d like to do by the end of the month or year, a movie bucket list, places you want to see, or a food bucket list.

But I know that not everyone has the possibility to see their significant other every day because they are long distancing. So virtual dating is the way. Here are some simple virtual date ideas:

Dinner date

Why not have a date night dinner “together”? Choose a recipe that you both have the ingredients for, FaceTime while you cook, and enjoy your cooked dinner together.

Netflix Party

Netflix Party (Teleparty) it’s a free extension for Chrome where you can watch anything on Netflix together simultaneously. This makes you feel like you’re really watching together.

Play video games

There are so many multi-player games that you can play online. Playing while on FaceTime it can be a nice thing to bond over and spend time playing together.

What are your favorite stay-at-home date night ideas for two? Do share in the comments below! 😊

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  1. Hi 🙂
    That’s so nice practice, thank you so much

  2. This is really interesting but truly this can only be enjoyed if you have found love true partner. This is the puzzle I really want to fix. Most time I wish I have found that right person but it hurts that I’m all alone.

    1. Many thanks for awesome ideas 🥰

  3. This is lovely. Some more nice ideas are:

    Painting or drawing date…maybe paint each other.
    Write a silly story together.
    Make a treasure hunt with clues.
    Garden together.
    Decorate a room.

  4. Cindi Cyncere Autry says: Reply

    My commonlaw husband and I like to listen to music on youtube together. He plays along on his acoustic guitar and I focus on us learning lyrics to each song writing them into a notebook one performance at a time. I sing or we sing each song together. We like country music but try to keep a genre variety to our playlist.
    Darryl’s House on you tube is our favorite to watch learn and sing. It’s set at the home of musician, Darryl Hall if the duo HALL&OATES and Darryl has various musicians perform H&O hit songs as well as the guest artist’s songs. Segments with Butch Walker, Rob Thomas, Celo Green, GooGoo Dolls. Train, Darius Rucker, ZZTOP, SMOKEY ROBINSON, are among our favorite acts to watch on Darryl’s House. We bond through music reigniting our feelings of love for eachother over and over again.

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