Things to do at the start of every month

The start of the month is an excellent time to get ready to embrace the new month’s adventures and opportunities ahead of you. These simple things that I’m going to mention will help you stay organized, productive, and stay on top of things! Believe me, these little practices make a huge difference to have a smooth month ahead.

📅 Plan your month

Plan all your events, projects, appointments, and tasks, and anything else that you’ll have on the month ahead. This will help you stay organized. You can use a physical or a digital planner, but I personally prefer using a real planner. Writing down all the tasks makes me feel more organized and on top of things.

🎯 Set specific goals

Setting monthly goals will keep you motivated. Pick some short-term goals to achieve your long-term ones. For example, if you want to become vegetarian, you can set yourself a goal of eating vegetarian 3 times a week. By doing that, you will get closer to a long-term goal (to become a full vegetarian). Set goals the right way to make sure you reach them!

💸 Monitor your finances

Go through and look at your purchases and your savings account for the last month. Be aware of how much you are spending and identify areas of spending you would like to reduce. Prioritize your bills, always.

💰 Create a budget

If you have financial goals or struggle with saving money, I highly recommend creating a budget for every month considering all the expenses you’re gonna have, plus unpredictable ones.

💳 Pay your bills

Get those things out of the way at the beginning of the month so you don’t have to think and stress more about it during the rest of the month.

📱 Schedule social media content

If you work with social media, preparing content in advance will prevent meltdowns and stress. It will also escalate your growth.

🏠 Declutter your home

Have a huge monthly declutter at the start of every month. This will help you keep your home clean during the rest of the month. Then you just have to maintain.

I hope these little tasks will make your month smoother and more productive!

Comment down below on what do you do at the beginning of each month 😊













26 Replies to “Things to do at the start of every month”

  1. I loved this post , thanks a lot

  2. Muito boa as dicas. Gratidão

  3. Very smart, simple tasks to stay on top of things. I tend to be a clutterbug and clutter irritates me, so a monthly de-cluttering is a great idea. Lets see if i can make it happen. Its a good goal in itself.

  4. Great work. A planner would be my next purchase

  5. I take stock of the month that has just ended and then I set new goals

    Thanks for the rest 😍

  6. Nguyễn+Hoàng+Duy. says: Reply

    Thank you for the post. Now I know what I have to do.

  7. I enjoyed it. Thank you

  8. Ththanks for the advice

    1. Muchas gracias. Es realmente impecable tu post. Muy detallado y claro. Cariños. Lucía

  9. I seem to have more energy and motivation at the beginning of a month. It’s a good time to get organized and set goals. Thanks for all the great suggestions.

    1. Thank you for the tips!

  10. This post is awesome make me feel great. This is going to be a great motivational month

  11. Qué hermosa publicación, yo no soy de planificar las cosas 🥺 lo cual me mantiene desorganizada. Hoy mismo empiezo a poner en práctica el organizarme y empezar por tareas pequeñas 😊

  12. Salma Mamoun Ali says: Reply

    I pay my debts first every month. Then buy my most important stuff. And save the rest of the money.
    lThis month I set a target I want to reach.

  13. Thank you I was just drying my tears as I have woke up 3 days in a row winding how to get rid of the clutter it’s overwhelming me hard and this was a good idea.

  14. Plan to succeed! I will start planning my month and setting goals. Getting rid of clutter is #1 on my list.

  15. Angelina Laice says: Reply

    Obrigada pelo post muito bom💕

  16. I surely must appreciate you!
    I plan to set my short time goals, write down the events I have and then schedule them and at the last, I declutter my almirah!😊Great idea.😘

  17. Thank you for this post. So helpful

  18. I like reading your blog and it gave me the answer to where I need to start. I appreciate that. Thank you

  19. Great post. Very simple and easy to follow. Will definitely come back to it at the start of October. And it will be birthday month 🎁🎉

  20. I read a lot about benefits of plan and practice it but never success. Having too much thing come up that I can’t follow my planner 😪

  21. Thank you this is a great tool to use for this next month, already on point started today. Any ideas from anyone on exercising routines for starters… Best way to paraphrase for someone that is kinda a couch potato

  22. I am planning to
    – Write down the things to-do that I have in my mind which’ve been procrastinating it for few months.
    – Complete items in my to-do list by this month
    – Restart my gymming!

  23. Thank you it was useful 🥰

  24. Thanks ☺️

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