Tips to increase self-esteem

We all have those days when we wake up just “not feeling it.”

Struggling with self-esteem is commonly due to the fact that we either care too much about what others think about us, or we don’t have faith in our own capabilities. Self-esteem is an important quality to have to face and overcome fear, move forward in life, and accomplish goals.

Self-esteem is something that can be hard to find, so please know that you are not alone in this struggle. Everyone struggles with finding confidence every now and then, but I hope after reading this post you’ll find it much easier to be confident in your everyday life.

Think positive

You must remove the doubt that you can make it happen. If you are having doubts about your capability to succeed, those doubts are most likely fear. What you focus on in your mind will become your reality eventually. So, you must let those doubts go and focus only on succeeding.

Focus on what you can control and be present

If you can’t do anything to change something, what is the point of focusing on that? Focusing on those things kept you away from the present moment and you can’t see all the opportunities you have in front of you. If you are present, there is no room to worry because most of the things we are worrying about or feeling unconfident about are in the future.  I know this can be hard but trying to focus on what you can really change and control is so beneficial.

Surround yourself with positive people

Energy is contagious, never forget that. Surround yourself with people that bring the best of you, that vibe your energy.

Positive self-talk

Thoughts become words, your words become your actions, and your actions become your life.  When you say positive words to yourself, you will trick your brain into thinking and believing those things. If you believe you are confident, you will start speaking confidently. This can do wonders for your self-esteem.

Put yourself in uncomfortable positions

Self-esteem is a skill that cannot be developed by staying in our comfort zones. Put yourself out there, you can do it! Reflect on your accomplishments, when you did something scary and everything was okay. This will motivate you to keep going.

Make a list of all the things you love about yourself

Write it down everything that comes to your mind. And after that, read carefully, trying to picture situations where those aspects of yourself were in play.

Try a guided meditation for self-esteem

Meditation is very powerful and capable of giving you a full transformational experience. You can find lots of apps and Youtube videos where just need to listen and follow the instructions.

Be grateful

Be grateful for what you have in life, for what others have given you, everything! It’s a very positive and rewarding activity that will improve your self-esteem.

To end this post, let’s boost that self-esteem! So, let me know: what are two things you love about yourself? Write it down in the comments, I would love to know! ❤️

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  1. I am caring and loving.

    1. 2 things I love about myself
      1.intelligence for others

    2. Two things that i love about me ahe
      1. I respect every relationship around me, whether it’s with any human, animals, birds or with the nature..
      2. The way I m truthful makes me really happy. I love being honest n i like it..

      1. I take people at face value and try not to make snap judgements.

        My determination when I really want to achieve something.

        1. Ashley M Anderson says: Reply

          1. My personality, I am very relatable and laid back , professional but still know how to have fun.
          2. My personal style in clothing
          3. A lover but does not tolerate disrespect

        2. I’m strong and loving person❤️

      2. 1. I love my skin color
        2.I love how I am always kind to people

        1. My honesty and loyalty

      3. Amira fekry abdelmageed says: Reply

        I like donation for every one as I can.and I see my self affectionate

    3. My smile
      I’m very empathetic and caring

    4. I understand people to every extent without judging and i die-hardly believe in acceptance .

  2. Laurie A Barile says: Reply

    2 things I love about myself:
    1. Honesty
    2. Strong

    1. I am ambitious and driven.

      Thanks for this! It’s a perfect timing I’ve read this. 😊

      1. Happy and caring

  3. There’s a lot of things I love about myself 🤭❤.. but I’ll mention just two :
    I love the fact that I am strong and if I want something I don’t stop till I reach it
    The second one is that I see beauty in everything in this world.
    Thank you for the nice article 👌🏻❤

  4. Resilient and Honest

    1. 2 things I love about my self❤️
      1) Honesty
      2) soft hearted person

      1. I love my kind behaviour and creative mind ✨🧡

        1. Creativity and sense of humor)

      2. Priscilla Adomaa says: Reply

        1. I’m a kindhearted person
        2. I’m always grateful

    2. Mi lealtad y mi entusiasmo.

    3. 1.Extrovertida
      2.Mi Compasión

  5. I love my strength i have been through so much and realize throughout it all that i am a strong person. I also love that i have a heart of gold and a will to help.

    1. I things I love about myself are :
      1. My care for others
      2. My emotions ..

      1. Jessica Brewer says: Reply

        I’m struggling with this so bad.. I’m very giving… But that can be hurtful in many ways but I get joy outta giving… I’m also very honest… That’s the two things I love about myself.. I really do need help learning to love myself I’ve let myself go and don’t know how to come back??? Pray for me please Thanks…

        1. Praying for you to find your way & find yourself & just letting u know that i read your comment & am sending you good thoughts & healing energy Jessica Brewer.

          Just don’t give up, keep talking about it wherever you can & keep reaching out to others. If you can’t reach out to those closest to you reach out for strangers, like on this posting, & actively go out & make new friends, new connections w/people that are able to just hear that you’re struggling & are supportive. Support groups are a GREAT place to make new connections with like-minded people & they’re usually free. Seek them out in your area.

          Isolation is the enemy so keep reaching out & get out of the house & find support. You’re worth it, Jessica. – Amy

        2. I love that I’m so caring and also a very giving person. I’m so grateful for those to qualities. However I do need to love myself and be more proud of what I do in life whether it wasn’t perfect I just need to recognize that I tried to do my very best, even if it didn’t turn out to be what I imagined. Example: when I am coloring I really want the picture to be perfect in my eyes so when I do mess up a little I really just want to throw it away. I do need to learn that the imperfections can be beautiful in their own way.🙏💕

      2. 1. Honesty
        2. Helpful to others

  6. Lorraine Rangel says: Reply

    I’m very resilient and spectical

    1. Loyal and honest

  7. I love them who loves me
    I try to help everyone else

  8. I have been through so much so I would say that I am STRONG enough to make it stand still. And i have the heart to help even without receiving a help back…i just want to help. I think that is what I realize.

  9. Edit Betancourt says: Reply

    Tratare de salir de la zona de confort despues de recordar mis fortalezas.
    Saludos desde Colombia

    1. Hola Edith, yo también soy de Colombia. Un saludo .

      1. I love the way I handle every situation in my life and I love taking challenge

  10. My honesty and my ability to be wondered by every little things in the world! 🙂

  11. Caring and talented

  12. 1.Creativity

    1. I am polite
      I love learning

    2. 1.Im kind person.
      2.Im creative in some extent

  13. I am open and loving.

  14. ❤ I love that I am connection with nature
    ❤ I love that I am so creative.

  15. Two things I love most about me are-
    *Stay positive even in the worst
    *Living a healthy life suppressing all sufferings

  16. I am empathetic and creative. I love these things about myself. 💙🕊🎨

  17. Jennifer Guilbert says: Reply

    I can always find something good in someone. I’m able to see and feel things from multiple points of view, not just my own

    1. Jacsualem Carrasquillo Laboy says: Reply

      Two things I love about myself:
      1- I really love learning
      2- I am resilient

  18. I AM STRONG and AMETHYST energy! I’m a healer and a medical seer. 💜

  19. 2 things I love about me, 1 I’m caring. 2, my smile

  20. I am polite.
    I am nice to other people.

  21. I suppose I don’t know myself that well after reading this article but here are the two things I love about myself :
    1) being honest ( I believe honesty is very important so I like to be honest in how I treat others and what I do so they can inturn be honest to me ).
    2) funny ( people have siad that I have something in me that makes people feel calm when I’m around and though at times I can be a freaking introvert I always like to be funny and make others laugh).

    Thanks for the post.

  22. One thing I love about myself is that I have a big heart.

    Second is that i prove negative people wrong that try to put me down.

    By the way, thank you so much for this blog. Amazing intel.

  23. Two things I love about myself:
    1) I love helping others
    2) I am honest

  24. I love my ability to express myself through fashion and words
    I love my sense of humor😁

  25. I am caring and funny 🙂

  26. 1) strong &
    2) willing power

  27. I am kind and I am smart.

  28. Kristine mariel Ustaris says: Reply

    I am kind hearted and compassionate

  29. I’m resilient and always up to improving myself.

  30. Christine D Vasquez says: Reply

    I love that I am a caring, intelligent person.

  31. I love that I’m not toxic and I give my best to upgrade myself

  32. Amo mi:
    _ carisma
    _ inteligencia
    _ simpatía
    _ Que siempre pongo a los demás antes que a mí aunque a veces sea malo.
    _ Mi pasión por las cosas
    _ Mi sinceridad y lealtad con todos los que me rodean.

  33. 1. I’m looking for improving myself constantly.
    2. I don’t allow the fear freezing me

  34. Benjamin Myles says: Reply

    I love my willingness to learn and that I’m always grateful ❤️ I appreciate this. Sending love from 🇳🇬

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