Best Black Friday Shopping Tips

Black Friday is just around the corner and it’s the best time of the year to get deals and savings on just about everything on your shopping list. 

Is definitely a unique opportunity to make good deals, especially in time for Christmas. But remember the true meaning of the holidays. It’s about spending time with your loved ones, not about all of the cool physical things you can buy.

Black Friday can be fun but be careful to get carried away and fall into the trap that leads to unnecessary purchases and premature waste. Be mindful and intentional with your purchases.

If you plan to shop on Black Friday, there are some things you can do to help save money and to be more responsible:

🛒 Try to shop online

If your favorite store has a website there’s no reason to leave your house, and you’ll be way more comfortable. Many stores will offer the same or similar deals online that they are offering in the store. Keep an eye on the deals you want, add them to your shopping cart, and hit the refresh button when the sale goes live.

🛒 Compare prices before shopping 

Make sure that you always check the original price of the item before you buy. That way, you can tell if it is a deal or not.

🛒 Don’t impulse buy and make a list

I know how attractive deals and promotions can be, but we usually don’t need them. So, on this Black Friday make a shopping list beforehand to reduce your impulse spending. 

🛒 Prioritize

Prioritize your list with your top 3 or 5 must-have items. Know which items you want at each store, prioritize them based on deepest discount or most importance. That way, you can only focus on those items. 

🛒 Set a budget and stick to it

By knowing your budget, you’ll keep on track your spendings. 

🛒 Support small and local business

Choose local and small brands whenever you can. That way, you will help them to grow and also help the environment by purchasing produced goods that are more conscious than the big brands.

I hope these tips will help you make the most out of this time in a more responsible way.

Stay smart on your purchases and happy shopping 🙂

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